Violations/Payment methods

If you receive a citation, you must do one of the following:
  1. Pay the fine.  To avoid further penalties and resolve the citation, you must pay the fine.  You have two options to make payment:

a.       Pay online. Within 10 days of the ticket being issued or,

b.      If you choose not to pay online the fine will automatically be transferred to your SNHU student account and payments can be made at the Onestop office.

  1. Contest the Citation.  Wait 24 hrs. from the time the citation was issued and go online to file an appeal.  Appeals must be made within 7 days of the citation issue date.

To make an appeal go online to and fill out the appeal form.  You will receive a confirmation of your appeal filling and decision via email.


  1. Fine Amounts:

a.      Fire Lanes, Fire Gate and Bus Stop violations carry a $50.00 fine and are subject to being towed on site.

c.      Handicapped Areas carry a $75.00 fine.

d.      All other violations carry a $15.00 fine.



An appeal must be submitted within 7 days of the date the ticket was issued.  All appeals filed after the 7 day time span will be rejected. 

Any appeal from a person who does not have a valid permit will be rejected.

Appeals are to be made by browsing to, selecting the citations icon and following the indicated procedure. 

A response to the appeal will be emailed to the address listed in your iParq account as soon as possible.   If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may submit a written request to have the appeal reviewed by the Traffic Board of Review. The procedure for doing so is outlined below.



Failure to respond to or accumulating multiple violations can result in towing, immobilization of this or any other vehicle registration by you and revocation of your privileges to operate a vehicle on campus.

Handicap parking violations are $ 75.00.   (No appeal given)

Vehicles without permits that accumulate THREE (3) or more tickets will be booted or towed at the owner’s expense.


The privilege to own and operate a vehicle on campus property may be revoked and the vehicle placed in permanent removal status by the Director of Safety and Assistant Director due to continued disregard for motor vehicle regulations to include, but not limited to,


·               The accumulation of 1 or more violations during the academic year.

·               Flagrant violation of the regulations.

·               Reckless driving.

·               Driving while intoxicated

·               Any violation or combination of violations that jeopardizes the safety of the university community.

·               Failure to purchase a permit after being towed for same.

If your privilege to park or operate a motor vehicle on campus property has been revoked, resident students will receive written notification in their campus box, email and non-resident students at their home address.


Students who have been notified that their privilege to park or operate a vehicle on campus has been revoked must move their vehicle off-campus by the date indicated.  If the vehicle is seen on any part of campus after the date indicated, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense and the student may be subject to further disciplinary action.