Wellness Housing Programs and Activities

Programming is at the heart of the Wellness Housing program. There are a variety of social and educational programs offered throughout the year, including trips off-campus.

Students are required to attend a minimum of two (2) programs each semester and are also expected to help in planning some of the events. On average, there are more than 25 programs offered each year

Here are just a few samples of social and educational activities that have taken place in the past:

Social Activities
Mini-golf trip
Floor dinner
Make your own doormat
Halloween door decorating
Pumpkin carving context
Secret snowflakes
Paintball tournament
Boston tree lighting
Superbowl party
Movie nights

Educational Programs
Battle of the sexes
Stress relief party
Defining a personal wellness mission
You are what you eat
Managing your time
Dress for success

Contact Us

Location: Student Center
Phone: 603.645.9679 or 603.645.9616
Fax: 603.645.9711
Email: wellness@snhu.edu