Guest Registration

1. Registered guests receive a registration form to be placed on the driver side dashboard of their vehicle and a "body pass" to be carried on them at all times. Students are limited to no more than two guests. A maximum of one guest per resident present for each residential unit is allowed. If one roommate is not registering a guest, the other may register two guests. The total number of guests will not exceed the number of residents in the unit each night.

 Guest parking:

East side guests park on the East side of campus

West side guests park on the West side of campus

2.  Guests are limited to five (5) nights within a 30-day period. However, no more than 3 consecutive nights per stay. Approval to stay longer than the above mentioned times must be granted in advance by the residence director of your area.

3. You must register alumni staying overnight as guests.

4. No one under the age of 17 will be registered as a guest unless accompanied by a custodial parent/guardian or for a demonstrated humanitarian need.

5. No guests are allowed during any final examination period, beginning the evening before reading day. Furthermore, no guests are allowed during significant breaks in classes or any time when resident assistants are not available and on-duty (this includes move in days/first days). At the end of spring semester, guests will not be allowed through graduation. Rare exceptions will be made for next of kin or for a demonstrated need.

6. Guest registration will start at 0800 on Monday and continue throughout the week on a 24/7 basis until 9:00pm on Friday. Also from 8:00am until 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Hosts are responsible for their guests' compliance with these regulations and any fines or charges incurred by them.

Students wishing to have guests on campus must go on line at  to obtain a visitor pass.  Visitor permits are to be placed on the driver's side of the dashboard with the date of expiration in clear view.  It is the responsibility of the student to inform his or her guest of all campus rules and regulations.  

7. A fine of $100.00 to be imposed if the host is not with his/her guests. Also loss of guest registration privilege may be imposed.

8. Guests may not be registered for someone else. $100.00 fine on first violation. Loss of guest registration privilege may be imposed.

9. Guests are subject to all rules and regulations that apply to students. Disorderly or intoxicated guest will be ordered off campus. If an intoxicated guest has a vehicle on campus, he/she will be allowed 24 hours to return for the vehicle. They may be taken off campus by a cab (at their expense) or by a sober friend.

10. If a guest was mistakenly allowed on campus (either host lost privilege or the guest is Persona non grata) he/she can be ordered to leave upon discovery on campus.

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