Financial Aid for Undergraduate Day Students

Financial aid at SNHU includes three basic types of aid - grants and scholarships, loans, and work.


SNHU awards Federal Pell Grants, Federal SEOG Grants, and Institutional need-based grants to those who qualify. Students from Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania may be eligible for state aid for attendance at a post-secondary institution in New Hampshire. More...

Available Scholarships

New students applying to the undergraduate day program are automatically considered for merit-based, renewable grants and scholarships. Visit this page to learn about all additional scholarships available at SNHU. More...

Stafford Loan Information

Federally Subsidized Stafford Loans are fixed low interest loans that are based on financial need.


Perkins Loan Information

The Perkins Loan is a federally-subsidized (no interest while in school), fixed low interest (5%) loan that is offered to full-time undergraduate day students.


Parent PLUS Loan Information

The Parent PLUS Loan  is a federal loan that allows parents of undergraduate students to borrow up to the cost of education, less any financial aid.  More...

Alternative Loan Information

Alternative loans are private loans for students to help finance all or part of their cost of attendance at SNHU.  Before applying for any of these loans, be sure you have exhausted all other means and have applied for need-based Federal financial aid.


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