International Business Department

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Nathalie Hains '97

The International Business Department at Southern New Hampshire University provides high-quality, expert knowledge content and value-added instruction while generating cutting edge theoretical and applied research in the field of international business.

Graduates are trained for leadership positions in international trade, international marketing, management of overseas branches and international project development for multinational corporations. Key to our success is the relationships faculty members maintain with business and government organizations.

Employers of our graduates include Reebok International, Price Waterhouse Coopers, CCA Global Partners, Taipan Focus and City University Europe.

International Business Academic Programs

We are one of only a few universities that offer a complete program in international business, encompassing the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. Our master’s program is a leader in the nation. Faculty integrate research and professional experience into our innovative curriculum. More...

International Business Courses

Students learn about the different monetary, banking, accounting, marketing and management systems. More...