SNHU to Host 46th Annual Conference of the New England Psychological Association

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
SNHU Communications Office

Manchester, N.H. (August 30, 2006) – Southern New Hampshire University will host the 46th New England Psychological Association’s (NEPA) annual conference on Friday, Oct. 20 and Saturday, Oct. 21. NEPA also sponsors the 12th Northeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology (NECTOP) also taking place at SNHU on Oct. 20. Registration is required with the exception of the NEPA keynote speaker on Friday night on “Psychological Interrogation: Why Innocent People Confess” presented by Dr. Saul Kassin.

NEPA and NECTOP attract more than 300 psychology faculty, practitioners, and psychology students from all over the United States. NEPA is sponsored by SNHU’s School of Liberal Arts and the American Psychological Association (APA). NECTOP is sponsored by the APA Education Directorate and the APA Board of Educational Affairs.

“NEPA is a great place for students to learn more about psychology and to meet some of the leading psychologists in the country, and a great place for faculty and other professionals to share ideas and see what the next generation can do,” said Dr. Kathryn Quina, NEPA’s president-elect.

Conference Agendas:
Friday, Oct. 20 (NECTOP Day Events and NEPA’s Evening Banquet/Opening Speaker)
Drs. Robert Sternberg and Duncan White will discuss new approaches they have developed to reach and teach all students.
A team of presenters composed of Dr. James Korn, Dr. Barbara Nodine, Dr. Cecilia Shore, and Dr. Victor Benassi will present a series of workshops, including topics about developing and implementing a teaching philosophy and maximizing the effectiveness of content delivery methods.
The APA Education Directorate will sponsor a workshop with presenters, Drs. Stephen Davis and Barnard Beins. They will discuss ways of using student research and other strategies to teach the introduction to psychology course.
Dr. Kathryn Quina’s workshop will integrate the topics of diversity and critical thinking.
Dr. Stacie Spencer will present her creative approach to teaching research methods by simulating a research consulting experience in which students are “hired” to explore real world questions.
Dr. Linda Lin will explain and practice her strategy of enlisting students as peer teachers.
Friday night's opening NEPA speaker, Dr. Saul Kassin, will address how psychology has been applied to criminal interrogation.

Saturday, Oct. 21 (NEPA)
The conference opens with a symposium, “Science that Makes a Difference,” funded by the APA, Science Directorate. Speakers include Dr. Victoria Banyard, of the University of New Hampshire Family Research Laboratory and Dr. Carolyn Zlotnick of Butler Hospital /Brown University, discussing their applied research on violence prevention and detection.
Dr. Bernice Lott, winner of the 2005 Distinguished Contributions Award, will speak about her work on poverty.
Dr. James Campbell, a counseling psychologist will discuss his experience leading mental health teams in several recent disasters and crisis situations.
Dr. J. Richard Hackman, APA Distinguished Scientist Lecturer, will be speaking on "What Makes a Great Ensemble?"
Dr. Barbara Frederickson, APA G. Stanley Hall Lecturer, will discuss her latest research on positive emotions.
Psi Chi, the national honors society for psychology, will host a speaker (TBA) and a workshop on careers in academia.

In addition, there will be papers, posters, and symposia by NEPA members. NEPA will provide various awards for outstanding papers and posters.

Registration will begin at 8 a.m. in the foyer of Robert Frost Hall. Registration information as well as specifics about the program times are available at

More information can also be provided by the On-Site NEPA/NECTOP Coordinator, Dr. Peter Frost, at or at (603)668-2211, Extension 2249.

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