BA/BS Core

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Southern New Hampshire University believes that undergraduate students should receive a broad education in the liberal arts and intense practice in oral and written communication in order to succeed.

Recognizing that successful leaders must be able to view problems from a variety of perspectives, the university mandates that all students complete courses in writing, the fine arts, the social sciences, mathematics, science and public speaking. First-year students must take the First Year Seminar/Foundations in Critical Thinking to help them make the transition to university life. Students who wish to further augment their learning may choose to take more advanced general education courses as free electives.

English & Math Placement

Incoming first years will complete a placement exercise. Some students may be required to take ENG 101 or MAT 050 in addition to the 45 credits listed below. All students should speak with their advisors about how the courses will fit into their academic program schedules.

BA/BS Core Courses*

Skills Courses: They teach basic academic skills and provide the basis for your education at SNHU. You are encouraged to complete these courses early in your academic career. English and Mathematics courses must be completed within the first 63 credits (transfer students consult with your advisor).

BA/BS Core Skills Courses
ENG 120 College Composition I
ENG 200 Sophomore Seminar 
IT 100 Introduction to Information Technology
COM 212 Public Speaking 
SNHU 303 SNHU Experience: Life After SNHU*
SNHU 404 SNHU Experience: General Education Capstone*
*Or one free elective for Online and On location students and transfers with 15+ credits.

Choose two of the following:
MAT 101 Culinary Mathematics (Culinary Majors Only)
MAT 106 Math for Elementary Education I (Education Majors Only)
MAT 130 Applied Finite Math
MAT 140 Precalculus
MAT 200 Mathematics for the Humanities
MAT 210 Calculus I
MAT 230 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 240 Applied Statistics
MAT XX Mathematics Elective Based on School

Knowledge Courses: They provide a basis of knowledge about human culture, society, history and the environment. They teach critical thinking skills and a broader perspective about the world.

BA/BS Core Knowledge Courses

Choose one of the following:
FAS 201 Introduction to Humanities I
FAS 202 Introduction to Humanities II
FAS 223 Appreciation and History of Music
FAS 340 Modern Art
FAS 370 American Art

Choose one of the following:
HIS 109 Western Civilization I
HIS 110 Western Civilization II
HIS 113 United States History I
HIS 114 United States History II

Choose one 200 level Literature Elective

Choose one of the following:
PHL 210 Introduction to Western Philosophy
PHL 212 Introduction to Ethics
PHL 214 Logic, Language and Argumentation
PHL 230 Religions of the World

Choose one Science Elective (not SCI 215)

Choose four (4)  other electives: 
Social and Behavioral Science Elective (ATH, ECO, POL, PSY, SOC, SSC)*
*No more than two of these four in the same discipline

Global Marker: Every student must collect two (2) global markers to graduate. A number of courses which meet other requirements are also classified as global and carry the global marker (G). These markers must be taken at SNHU.

Total Credits: 45

*Depending on your specific program, the required courses may vary from those shown.

*Depending on your specific program the required cores may be different.