NCPDLP Ratings & Degree Roadmaps

As a member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC, SOCNAV, SOCAD and SOCCOAST) and the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership, Southern New Hampshire University Online is committed to serving military programs to you and your family. The Navy College Distance Learning Partnership allows colleges and universities to work together to provide a streamlined, interlaced educational plan from Navy “A” institutions toward a bachelor’s degree.

SNHU Online offers more than 50 online degree and certificate programs that correspond to recommended degree programs for your ratings. SNHU Online is officially approved for the following degree programs and specific ratings and classifications.

SNHU Online’s B.S. program in business studies offers you the flexibility to obtain a solid business degree concentration in one of nine areas, which your area of concentration prepares you for future employment in career areas.

Review these programs and roadmaps, talk with your local Navy College Office and contact SNHU.

Degree Programs
B.S.BST.ACC Business Studies / Accounting
B.S.BST.BAD Business Studies / Business Administration
B.S.BST.BFI Business Studies/ Business Finance
B.S.BST.HRM Business Studies / Human Resource Management
B.S.BST.IT Business Studies / Information Technology
B.S.BST.IMA Business Studies / International Management
B.S.BST.MAR Business Studies/ Marketing
B.S.BST.SBM Business Studies / Small Business Management

Official Ratings and Classifications

  • Aviation Ordnance (AO)
  • Aviation Maintenance Administration (AZ)
  • Boatswain's Mate (BM)
  • Builder (BU)
  • Cryptologic Technician (CT)
  • Cryptologic Technician (CTR)
  • Information Technology Specialist (IT)
  • Mass Communications Specialist (MC)
  • Navy Counselor (NC)
  • Postal Clerk (PC)
  • Personnel Specialist (PS)
  • Quartermaster (QM)
  • Religious Programs Specialist (RP)
  • Ship's Serviceman (SH)
  • Storekeeper (SK)
  • Yeoman (YN)
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