SNHU Online Military FAQs

Questions? We've got answers. If you're interested in pursuing a traditional, on-campus degree at our Manchester, NH, campus, see Traditional College for Veterans and Servicemembers. For Online Military Students, here are your most common questions, answered.

When do courses start?

Class starts vary, depending on whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student. Undergrads take classes over six 9-week terms, grad students over five 10-week terms, with a weeklong break between terms. SNHU offers term starts throughout the year. Check our academic calendar for current term starts

How much is tuition or cost per course?

SNHU gives military servicemembers and their spouses tuition discounts of up to 30%, in addition to the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, Montgomery GI Bill and other benefits you’ve earned through your service to the United States. View a complete breakdown of tuition costs.

How long would it take me to earn my degree?

One of the benefits of taking classes online is that you can go at your own pace. Most graduate students can earn their degrees in as little as 15 months with two courses per term.

How do I take courses online? What are they like?

Southern New Hampshire University uses Blackboard, a common platform for online universities. Students access Blackboard through the SNHU online student portal. Blackboard offers a user-friendly classroom environment in which you can post and respond to discussions, complete coursework, submit papers and access specialty coursework tools.

Are there scheduled classes? Or can I do my work at my own pace?

For the most part, you can work at your own pace. All classes start on Mondays and end on Sundays. Each week's work is part of a learning module. As long as you complete the work for that week by the deadline (usually Thursday and Sunday evenings), you're all set.

What happens if I'm deployed or have to step away from my classes for military training?

Let your Military Academic Advisor know your situation. Every circumstance is different, but we always do our best to accommodate the unique challenges of military service

Do I qualify for the SNHU Military Spouse Discount?

All spouses of active duty SNHU military students are entitled to our Military Spouse Discount of up to 30%. See the Getting Started for Military Spouses checklist for details.

How do I transfer credits?

We try to make transferring as easy as possible and accept up to 90 academic credits. Our admission counselors can help with tracking down transcripts and ensuring you get the credit your deserve. We’ll even automatically complete an official credit evaluation as part of the application review process. View more information on transferring to SNHU.

What are Military Academic Advisors?

SNHU’s Military Academic Advisors are specially trained and uniquely qualified to understand your needs as a military student. Our team is made up of veterans of every branch in the military.

What do you have for career services?

A full-service resource that’s free to all SNHU students and alumni, SNHU Career Services gives you access to one-on-one counseling from your own dedicated Career Advisor. We also have career advisors who specialize in helping military students transition back to civilian life. Learn more about how SNHU Career Service can help you achieve your goals.

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