Electronic Portfolios

Studying takes place everywhere

An electronic portfolio, also known as an ePortfolio or digital portfolio, is a cohesive, powerful, and well-designed collection of electronic documents that demonstrate student skills, education and professional development. ePortfolios (websites) allow students to place a great deal of information in a small place.

In SNHU 101, students create a minimum of two portfolios. One is an academic portfolio developed with specific learner outcomes for first year students. Their SNHU 101 Academic Portfolio contains reflections of their major and their awareness of their learning. It creates a snapshot of their first work here at SNHU.

The second SNHU 101 portfolio is a student constructed success plan.

At Southern New Hampshire University, ePortfolios will be used for all of the above purpose. In addition, they can be used for assessing student work, as a presentation tool, a capstone project, managing accreditation requirements, and a professional resume for internship or employment. An ePortfolio essentially takes a resume and allows it to expand and blossom.

EPortfolios have an edge over the traditional, paper-based variety because there is a considerable increase in the range and quality of services that can be provided to individuals and the community. Students are able to apply to college or to businesses demonstrating competencies and showing complete examples of their work; something much richer than test scores and grades.

EPortfolio users can actually back up their resume claims by placing direct links to examples and supporting evidence in their ePortfolios.