SNHU 101

Freshmen enjoy orientation

First Year Seminar: Transition to College

SNHU 101 serves as an introduction to college and college level work. It is a course whose outcomes prepare students for academic, personal, and social success through the structured practice of critical thinking and decision-making. Students will engage in collaborative efforts that generate, integrate, and apply knowledge. Personal and social responsibility will be reflected upon as students gain knowledge of their cultural communities. Taken together these outcomes provide a basis for students embarking upon their college careers.

Students in SNHU 101 through a subscription to Chalk and Wire, an e-portfolio tool, develop an electronic document that demonstrates learning and active participation in the college environment. The portfolio serves a dual purpose: (1) students begin the four year process of creating a document that demonstrates skills, knowledge, and experience required by graduate schools and employers, and (2) faculty assess student academic progress with the use of standard criteria.

Common Book
The common book and summer reading for all freshmen is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.