Credit Policy / Finance Charges

as of July 1, 2009

Finance charges

  • Tuition payment is due before the start of the official date of the term.
  • Any outstanding balance as of the term’s official start date will be subject to a finance charge of 18% annual rate, assessed monthly at 1.5%
  • If the account balance is zero at the close of business on the last day of the month, any accrued finance charges will not be assessed to the students’ account for that month.

Full-time Day and Culinary

  • Tuition is due 30 days prior to the official terms start date.

Continuing Education/On-line full and part-time, International in Undergraduate, Graduate programs and Doctoral programs

  • Full payment is due at the time of registration.
  • First time International full time Manchester Graduate students will get a 2 week grace period for payment of tuition.
  •  Payment plans can be arranged with Tuition Management Systems for Day school students through the Bursars’ office and for Manchester full time Graduate students through the Graduate program at Webster Hall.
  • Students with outstanding balances or past due on their payment plan will be prevented from starting subsequent terms, will be dropped from the payment plan, and will incur finance charges.

Third Party Billing and Military Tuition Assistance

  • Students eligible to participate in the third party direct billing in which a third party will be authorizing direct billing from the University to the party, must first submit a voucher/letter or military tuition assistance form to the Bursar’s Office or appropriate center.   The voucher must include beginning and end dates of the academic term, courses covered, books, and other fees covered (if any) and maximum dollar value. Paperwork is due before the term start date. Payers will be billed at the beginning of the term covered by the voucher.  Payment is due within 30 days of the billing, finance charges are waived upon confirmation of the approved authorization.  Student reimbursement based upon satisfactory completion of the course and grades are not subject to third party billing.


  • All students waiting for pending aid/alternative loans will be required to give a credit card to keep on file with authorization to process on a specific date if aid /loans are not here on that specific date. All students will sign a one time promissory note.  This note will be used in case of default of any payments owed to the University. 
  • Transcripts, caps/gowns, diplomas and verifications, along with registration for future classes will be withheld if students’ owe any type of balance.
  • Students with outstanding balances will go on a financial hold and will be assessed finance charges, call /email fees and late fees at the discretion of the University.
  • All students sent to collections will be subject to 25% fee added to their account, legal fees and the account will be reported to the credit bureaus.
  • All former collections accounts and bankruptcies must pay up front for any future classes. 
  • Credit policy is at the discretion of the credit office and subject to change.

Deferred Tuition Plan Credit Policy

Students receiving tuition benefits from their employer, may qualify for a Deferred Tuition Plan. Participating students may carry a one-term outstanding balance, allowing access to registration for the next term and will not be assessed interest charges.
Eligibility is based on the completion of all paperwork and by maintaining good financial and academic standing.  Students must obtain a letter of eligibility from their employer stating the terms and conditions of their tuition reimbursement policy, and complete the Institutional Promissory Note.  

Students must also sign contract giving the University permission to charge their credit card (kept on file) in the event that the tuition has not been paid by 21 days after the end of the term.  The Deferred Tuition Plan must be renewed annually by students