SNHU OneCard - A Whole New Way to Get Your Refunds

Friday, August 25, 2006
SNHU Communications Office

HigherOne offers a new and faster way to receive student refunds!

Before this new system, students would wait several days for checks to be mailed and arrive at their homes. (That can be frustrating!)

Now students have a choice of how they wish to receive their refund money and can select the refund option that is right for them.  Each student is required to make a selection in order to receive their refund!  See Credit Balances and Refunds.

Please note:

  • Every student is required to make a selection using the SNHU OneCard that is mailed to them. The card is valuable because the number on it allows the student access to make their refund selection.
  • The student may be charged a replacement fee if they discard their SNHU OneCard and need a replacement.
  • If the student fails to make a selection, the money cannot be allocated to the student.  It sits in an escrow account and the student is sent an e-mail to his/her “” e-mail account weekly until he/she makes a selection.

The student must choose one of the following options:

  • Electronic deposit into HigherOne checking account (1 day)
  • ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) transfer to another bank account (2-3 days)
  • Paper check (5+ days)

This is how the program works. SNHU has provided to HigherOne some basic information about each student.  Every student, regardless of academic program, will receive an SNHU OneCard in the mail sent by HigherOne. 

The student must go to SNHU OneCard and input their card number in the box labeled “Activate Your Card.”  From there students will simply follow the instructions to select their refund method.

It’s that easy!

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