SNHU Recycles

A few reasons why recycling is a good thing

  • Recycling is good for the community, environment and the future
  • It will reduce your trips to the dumpster (especially when the snow flies!)
  • It's easy and convenient; An automatic pickup schedule has been set up in all apartment areas. Slide your bins into the hallway on your assigned pickup day and your recyclables will be collected.
  • If at any point you find the program is troublesome, let us know and we will remove your bins promptly.

Contact Facilities 645.9613 or email for your bins.

Automatic Pickup Schedule for Recycling In Apartments

  • Conway & Lincoln; Tuesday
  • Whittier, Greeley, Spaulding & Kearsarge; Wednesday
  • Attitash, Cranmore, Sunapee, Hillsboro & Rockingham; Thursday

You can help by being a recycling activist

  • If you see someone use the trash can to dispose of a recyclable product, politely urge them to use the recycling bin next time. That one person may end up recycling a lot of material from your comment alone. Imagine how much recycling would increase on campus if each person urged just one other person to recycle!
  • Students, we need you to promote recycling!
  • Our student community has been instrumental in helping spread the recycling word. Urge your neighbors to recycle! Tell them how easy and convenient recycling is and perhaps they will join in as well! Every little bit collected makes a difference.

Factoid; Styrofoam never decomposes.

Help us help keep a good thing going. Dining services did away with the large Styrofoam containers and are now using new biodegradable containers to help SNHU be more environmentally friendly. These containers are costly but are important to keep our campus as Styrofoam free as possible. You can help in several ways

  • Eat in at the cafeteria using the china and metal utensils
  • Avoid asking for a takeout container unless you are planning on leaving the cafeteria. Many of these containers are eaten from in the cafeteria and thrown into the trash, which creates a lot of waste.
  • Remember to place your plastic, glass and aluminum containers in the recycling bins.
The Moore Center

SNHU has teamed up with The Moore Center, which is an agency that supports individuals with developmental and acquired brain injuries. Here on campus, they are responsible for collecting our recyclables, such as aluminum, plastic, paper and cardboard from the various recycling bins located campus wide. They then transport them to a central location where our recycling company, National Resource Recovery Association, takes the materials to be recycled into new materials!

If you would like any other information regarding The Moore Center and their partnership with SNHU, check out their website!


The NRRA, Northeast Resource Recovery Association, is the recycling organization processes our recyclables for Southern New Hampshire University. They recycle everything from paper to scrap metal and tires, to plastics and cell phones. For the year of 2010, the NRRA is proud to announce that they assisted their members in recycling over 73,206 tons of material!  This year they will be having their 30th Annual Northeast Recycling Conference and Expo on June 6th and 7th; a must see for anyone who is interested in recycling!

If you would like to find out more about the NRRA and their involvement with SNHU as well as the Recycling Expo, check out their website at

Toner Recycling Program

SNHU has recently updated their recycling process to include many different inkjet toners, laser printer cartridges, and copier toners that are on campus and also at its center locations. It would be great if assistance with this program was continued, as it would help SNHU continue its efforts for going green.

For recycling Inkjet Printer Cartridges:
Please forward empty cartridges to the Purchasing Department, Exeter Room 28, via interoffice mail.

For recycling Laserjet Printer Toner Cartridges:
A. Encompass Brand (from Toshiba) – Please forward empty cartridges, in their boxes, and send them to Central Receiving, Attn: Rich Burnham via interoffice mail.
B. HP Original Brand – Please forward empty cartridge, in their boxes, and send them to the Purchasing Department, Exeter Room 28 via interoffice mail.

For recycling Copier Toners:
Please forward empty cartridges, in a plastic bag (to be furnished by purchasing) to the Purchasing Department, Exeter Room 28 via interoffice mail.

Cell Phones for Troops

At SNHU we are currently taking in any old or unused cell phones to be sent to our troops. If you would like to contribute a cell phone, they can be dropped off at one of the drop off locations either next to the Copies Plus window in the Student Center, or in Robert Frost next to the Gallery. Also, cell phones may be dropped off at Stark 14 if needed.

One Earth. One Bottle.

Southern New Hampshire University has begun a water bottle program called One Earth - One Bottle which promotes the use of a refillable water container instead of purchasing plastic or glass bottles which harm our environment. If any students would like to receive a FREE water bottle all they have to do is send an email to Environmentally Sustainable Students at .