About the School of Arts & Sciences

The arts and sciences provide us with the fundamental purpose of education: to learn how to live well.  Courses in the arts and sciences may bring graduates high salaries, increased esteem, ultimate self-confidence, and sound values, but the most important result of an arts ad sciences education is capacity-building within the individual to engage challenge, cope with uncertainty,  and contribute to improving the human condition.  Study in the arts and sciences serves as a tool of curiosity, conscience, and community.

The School of Arts & Sciences builds a curriculum that addresses how to manage a complex world and to live effectively in it.  Educating for the future is problem-solving for critical, capacious public issues.  As the world's carrying capacity diminishes, its caring capacity is in greater demand, and no individual escapes the call for civic engagement.  Through interdisciplinary work in humanities, science, fine arts, technology, socio-political and moral inquiry, students prepare for a civic role that is as central to their individual success as it is to societal sustainability.

The School of Arts & Sciences opens the way to many paths of life.  Whatever the choice, teaching and learning in the arts and sciences enable the student to try the new and dare the different.  The innovative mind and creativity of an arts and sciences major form the highest recommendation for today's workplace.


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