Elena Painchaud - Student Speaker

Saturday, May 17, 2008
SNHU Communications Office

Student Commencement Speaker

“To be in the memory of a moment that touches so many lives and to be part of everyone’s story that day would be the greatest feeling. It’s the moment when you stand looking forward and all you can see is possibility. I would be honored to be chosen to give this year’s commencement address and even more honored to stand before my fellow graduates and wish them well in the future.” 
              -- Elena Painchaud, 2008 student commencement speaker, about what it would mean to speak to her graduating class.

A 3Year Honors Program student from Concord, N.H.,  Painchaud said her greatest accomplishment at SNHU is serving as today’s commencement speaker. But her impact on the university is far reaching. She has volunteered her time and energy to several university organizations, including the Leadership Training Institute, Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events and the Elections Committee. She also is an SNHU Ambassador and a member of Delta Mu Delta, and is involved in the Capital Region Food Program and the Holiday Food Basket Project.

“I have come to find that you cannot leave a mark on a building or a classroom, but you can leave a mark on people,” she said. “Through the people I have met and have come to care for, I know I have left something here. I am a part of a small chapter in their lives and in the words of Helen Keller, ‘My friends have made the story of my life.’”


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