Windsor & Hampton Hall

Hampton Hall

The East Side Residence Halls (Windsor and Hampton) sit on top of a hill with a great view of the Merrimack River and the surrounding area. These buildings have a "pod" living style, meaning that there are 2 singles, 2 doubles as well as a bathroom area per living unit. These pod units then share a community room with access to study spaces and common areas. Amenities include large lounges, two meeting rooms (one per building), two laundry rooms (one per building). 

Windsor & Hampton Halls:

  • The buildings have a total of 12 RA’s (six located in Windsor, and six in Hampton)
  • There are a total of 87 rooms per building (43 doubles and 44 singles)
  • Single room dimension: 10’ x 10’ 
  • Double room dimension: 14’ 5” x 11' 11”
  • There are a total of 22 pods per building.  Each pod consists of two doubles and two singles, housing six students.
  • Each pod has its own private bath consisting of two showers and one toilet.
  • Every four pods share a common lounge.
  • There is one large common room per building, used for functions and programs.
  • The students have swipe card access to the entrance to the building and their pod, and key access for their individual bedrooms.
  • There is also a laundry room facility per building.
  • There is a game room, as well as a study facility located on the first floor of each building.
  • The students have access to, and can regulate, the central AC installed in the buildings.
  • The Residence Director’s office, and one of the RA offices is located in Windsor.
  • The Public Safety office, and one of the RA offices is located in Hampton.
  • The halls this year will be housing predominately sophomores, with a small mix of transfers, juniors and seniors.
  • The buildings are “dry”, meaning the students are not allowed to have alcohol in the building, regardless of their age.
Housing Per Semester Annually
Dormitory - single


Housing Per Semester Annually
Windsor/Hampton/Washington/ New Castle Hall
$4,187 $8,374