TV anchor Robin Roberts offers women recipe for success

Saturday, June 14, 2008
New Hampshire Union Leader

New Hampshire Union Leader

Inspiring girls to compete in sports will develop a new generation of strong women leaders, "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts said yesterday at Southern New Hampshire University.

"I am the proud product of Title IX," she told an audience of about 600 participants at the Women's Leadership Summit.

Athletics teaches team building, leadership skills and how to stare down adversity, the journalist and author said.

Roberts, a breast cancer survivor and author of "From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By," said her "Roberts' Rules of Order" were designed to help people make the most of their strengths and minimize any weakness.

Success for women is a matter of place and making the right moves to achieve in the workplace, she said.

"Proximity is power," she repeated. "I put myself in a position for good things to happen."

Roberts spoke of her girlhood dream of becoming a professional athlete and then, when her basketball career did not pan out, of pursuing a career as a sportscaster.

Before moving to ESPN for 15 years, she turned down a job offer for the premier sports network to make sure she was completely ready for the job.

Roberts encouraged audience members to dream big and focus small, in that each day take a step toward one's goal. She recommended people write something down on paper each morning, explaining that dreams written down become goals and appear more attainable.

In fielding questions from the audience, Roberts spoke of breaking the glass ceiling and referred to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's unsuccessful bid this year to become the first woman nominated for president.

"I do feel there was some sexism when it came to Senator Clinton," she said. "There's no two ways about it."

But, she added, "We haven't heard the last of her."

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