Why Study English?

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Kaileen Crane

The idea that “reading books won't get me a job” is a romantic misconception. The reality is that your major is only one of many variables to consider when planning a career. English majors are remarkably prepared for a wide range of professions after graduation, and they had fun getting there.

Reasons for majoring in English

  • If you like literature and ideas, this major will make you happy. What other major requires you to curl up with a good book?
  • Studying English will give you a window into other cultures, past and present, and a mirror for your experiences and desires. It's about the power of art.
  • You will study with smart, inspiring professors who are dedicated scholars, passionate teachers and your personal mentors.
  • You will become a skilled interpreter of texts -- from novels to film to political speech to art and poetry. It's about finding meaning.

Features of the English Department

  • Small classes: There are 20 or fewer students in literature classes and 15 or fewer students in writing classes.
  • Student-centered teaching: Instead of sitting through lectures, students shape the format of their classes through discussion and workshops.
  • Visiting writers: Each semester, outstanding writers of fiction, nonfiction and poetry give evening readings and visit writing workshops to share their expertise.
  • Reading groups: Writing and literature majors meet monthly off campus to discuss books (and much else) over dinner.
  • Professional experience: Literature and writing majors often become writing tutors in the Learning Center, helping students with writing and honing their own writing and editing skills.
  • Publishing opportunities: Our department publishes Amoskeag: the Journal of SNHU and sponsors The Manatee, a student-run online literary journal.  Students can also get involved in the New Hampshire Writer's Project, housed on campus, and enter yearly writing contests sponsored by Amoskeag.
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