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We group our course offerings into levels that build upon one another and assume different degrees of preparation, background and experience.

  • 100 level courses are foundational courses appropriate for first-year students and are prerequisites for all literature and writing courses.

  • 200 level courses are introductions to literary study, surveys of literary periods, and special topic surveys of British or American literature. English majors should take an introduction to literature course as early as possible and should take surveys in chronological sequence. English courses at this level are ideal literature electives. Prerequisite: ENG 120

  • 300 level courses are more specialized and assume some preparation in literary study (ideally one 200-level course). This level includes studies in critical theory, language, gender and popular culture, as well as specialized courses in genre and literary movements. These courses emphasize a more rigorous approach to close reading and cultural study and may integrate literary research. These courses are often smaller and may be conducted as seminars. Prerequisite: ENG 121 (200-level LIT course recommended).

  • 400 level courses are advanced courses intended for juniors and seniors. Conducted as seminars, they require the ability to do literary research, oral presentation, extensive writing and assume strong writing and analytic skills. Courses at this level are not recommended as literature electives except by instructor approval. Prerequisite: ENG 121 (200-level LIT course recommended).

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