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Environmental Management and Sustainability (BA)

The B.A. degree program in Environmental Management and Sustainability incorporates science, ethics, law and policy to illuminate the problems and potential solutions related to the great environmental challenges of our time. Course work includes field experience in Manchester, N.H., or Washington, D.C.


Law and Politics (BA)

SNHU's bachelor's degree program in political science emphasizes the development of critical-thinking, communication and analytical skills in political contexts. Students are prepared for careers in electoral or interest group politics, political and public policy consulting, the civil service, and the diplomatic corps, as well as journalism, business, and education. More...

Pre-Law Certificate

The Pre-Law Program at Southern New Hampshire University is an interdisciplinary instructional and mentoring program that helps students to prepare for law school by giving them substantial insight into what it means to "think like a lawyer." Students may declare the Pre-Law Program as a certificate.  Students in any major in the undergraduate day school may participate.


Public Service (BA)

Southern New Hampshire University offers a Bachelor of Arts in public service for criminal justice graduates and law enforcement officers seeking to advance their careers. The program provides present and future law enforcement professionals with the education they need to move ahead in their public safety careers.


Sociology (BA)

Students in Southern New Hampshire University’s bachelor's degree in sociology program learn about the content, methods and processes of the social sciences and learn to understand human behavior from a social science perspective. Students focus their studies by choosing a concentration in psychology, sociology, political science or economics.


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