Why Study Arts & Sciences at SNHU?

What's so special about our School of Arts & Sciences? 

Whatever you're learning about -- from ancient Rome to modern-day Washington, D.C. -- we make sure you know how to integrate and connect what you're studying. We’ll help you see the links --and make new ones.

We want you to challenge yourself -- and us. Want a good grade? Then write something provocative, go out on a limb, take yourself to the limit.

The faculty

Our faculty will make every effort to help you learn. They make teaching their No. 1 priority. Our full- and part-time faculty members go the extra mile in everything they do. They are academically gifted, well-traveled and knowledgeable within their disciplines and across diverse fields of study.

The curriculum

Get beyond the obvious and make meaningful connections among all kinds of disciplines in the School of Arts & Sciences. We offer a number of majors to help you go places, including advertising, communications, creative writing, environment, ethics & public policy, graphic design, history, political science and psychology, among many others.

Studying the arts and sciences will prepare you for a variety of careers. Graduates become communications specialists, journalists, artists, writers, historians, political scientists, lawyers, editors, psychologists, managers, CEOs and so much more.

Contact Us

Assoc. Dean: Steven K. Johnson, PhD
Email: s.johnson5@snhu.edu

Office Manager: Jackie Hickox

Sr. Admin Assistant: Trina Savage
Email: k.savage@snhu.edu

Phone: 603.629.4626