Jennifer Allen

- Student; Online

I really am determined to show SNHU a true return on its investment.

Jenn Allen could hardly believe her good fortune. Two years into researching M.B.A programs and frustrated with the process, she discovered the 2008 Go-Getters Challenge, SNHU's national campaign offering a chance to earn a free Global M.B.A. degree to one candidate who best exemplified what it meant to be a go-getter.

Jenn was deeply committed to her nonprofit fundraising work in marginalized communities for Mexico City-based Amextra. She felt an M.B.A. would give her the skill sets to lessen her organization's dependence on donations. She was also adamant about staying in Mexico to continue delivering workshops for women, speaking to donors and recruiting volunteers.

 "That is when I found the Go-Getters Challenge, just two days before the essay deadline," Jenn said. "After conducting more research on SNHU and the Global M.B.A., I was convinced this opportunity was the perfect fit."

SNHU staff and faculty judges reviewed all contest essays and narrowed the field to six semifinalists. Jenn impressed the judges during her phone interview and advanced to the final three.

Jenn and the other two finalists were required to appear live on a Boston television station to articulate why they were the best candidate. Getting to Boston from Mexico on her nonprofit salary was a challenge unto itself.

"So many people gathered together to help me," Jenn said. "My parents paid for meals, my brother paid for airfare, friends found a place for us to stay, I covered the rental car and gas and Amextra provided some 'just-in-case' back-up funds. Would you believe that two friends even loaned me clothes, shoes and even jewelry to wear for the interviews?"

TV viewers and the SNHU judges were impressed with Jenn's message of personal and professional transformation and voted her the Go-Getters Challenge winner. She will pursue her degree through SNHU Online, the university's distance education program.

"I really am determined to show SNHU a true return on its investment; probably not financially, but in other impacting and global ways," Jenn said. "I am so thankful for being chosen as the winner of the Go-Getters Challenge. You have now provided me the means for my continued personal transformation and to make a greater international impact."

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