Iron Brides Contestant Amy Dole (SNHU Student)


Where you are from?
Amy Dole: I am from Rochester, N.H. I am senior marketing major.

Why did you decide to enter Iron Brides?
Dole: My mom showed me an “Iron Brides” audition ad in the newspaper. She suggested that I check it out, so I went to the auditions in Portsmouth. The audition was three minutes long. I had to talk about myself and why I should be on the show. I was very lucky because I got selected.

What does it feel like to be part of the show?
Dole: It is exciting. The best part was sharing and competing with seven other girls ... I thought it was going to be like any other typical reality show, but it ended up being very different. They encouraged us to become friends. We feel we have already won the prize because now we know each other. We have formed a bond and have each other. It’s not about who wins, it is about sharing. We are going to be lifelong friends.

How did your family feel about you participating in the show?
Dole: I have a 1-year-old boy; it was hard to be away from him. We spent time away to film the show but they also gave us time to spend with family.

How did the groom react when he knew you were selected for the show?
Dole: He was 100-percent supportive. He is a full-time dad and has a full-time job. We take turns when I am home to watch our son but when I am gone, he doesn’t get a break.

What were your expectations going into “Iron Brides”?
Dole: I wasn’t expecting to be friends with everybody. I thought, “I am here to win the prize.” I had high expectations with the whole experience: having somebody document me while planning the wedding. This is the first time a show like this has filmed in New Hampshire, so it is the best time to be part of it.

What were your expectations going into the show?
Dole: The whole experience. Learning how to cook, bake a cake and decorate it; we did a lot of stuff. We had personal trainers, did yoga every day, had a life coach and learned about social etiquette. 

You are going to be on national television sharing an important moment of your life. How are you going to handle being recognized by other students?
Dole: I am not expecting people to recognize me. They made us feel really comfortable on camera. It will be interesting to see the final footage. It will be weird if somebody actually says: “I saw you on TV.”

What would it feel like to win?
Dole: A lot of us feel like we have already won because of the friendships made. The audience will make the final decision. I hope people can identify with my personality so they pick me.

What most surprised you about the competition?
Dole: What most surprised me were the friendships I made. We’ve bonded. When someone earned points, we all scream, “You won! That is awesome!” We really support each other. I thought it was going to be something totally different then what it actually turned out to be. 

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