Iron Brides Contestant Nicole Corvini (SNHU Alumna)


Where are you from?
Nicole Corvini: I live in Melrose, Mass.

Where did you meet your fiancée and how did you get engaged?
Corvini: I was a freshman and Phil was a sophomore in Southern New Hampshire University when we first met. We met while living in the Lower Suites on campus. We became really good friends during the four years of college. After graduation we kept in touch and Phil moved to California and I was in Boston. He came home for Christmas in 2005 and convinced me I would love California, so I went out to visit him and shortly after that we started dating and he drove across the country to come back to Boston. We have been together ever since. This past August, Phil told me we had to take a ride up to SNHU, and told me he had a meeting with his grad school advisor. I was curious as to why he had to do this on a Saturday afternoon, but I went along with it. He drove down to the Merrimack River, and proposed right in front of the dorm where we fist met in 1999.

Why did you decide to enter “Iron Brides”?
Corvini:  It is a really cool show and it was not your run-of-the-mill reality show. My fiancée was eating lunch in a restaurant in Concord and the producer of “Iron Brides” was in there the previous day. When the waitress overheard him talking about recently being engaged, she said the producers of a new bridal show were in here looking for contestants. My fiancée told me about it, so I decided to audition and I was selected.

What does it feel like to be part of the show?
Corvini: It is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am really excited to be part of it. I learned different things, like how to cook, organize wedding plans, how to deal with vendors, etc. It is an amazing experience.

Will you be disappointed if you don’t win?
Corvini: It’s OK if I don’t win. I have the experience of being in the show and learning so much. It is really complicated to plan a wedding. So it was great to learn from designers and other professionals about how to plan a wedding.

How did your family feel about you participating in the show?
Corvini: They were really excited. They are very supportive. I have to say this is a very different reality show. There are no drunk girls fighting ... or anything like that. It is a lot of personal growth and quality relationship building. It is totally different. We have to participate in competitions and we get points. People can also vote for us.

How did you prepare yourself for the competition?
Corvini: There is no way to prepare for the competition. You really don’t know what is going to happen until you get to the set. I can only be myself. For a show like this, you can’t be shy.

How do you see the competition with the other girls?
Corvini: They are all good. They all have talent. That’s why they are there! But they are great. We get along pretty well. They are amazing to be with, as well as the staff and everybody

How did your groom feel about you being a contestant?
Corvini: He is very excited, happy and supportive. He takes care of our home when I am away at the show and is hoping I win so we can have an even more fabulous wedding!

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Iron Brides Contestant Nicole Corvini (SNHU Alumna)

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