Where You'll Study Arts & Sciences

It’s your choice: on campus, on location, online — or a little of each. At SNHU, options are our specialty.

  •  Go on campus. All of our business programs are available at our main campus in Manchester. You’ll also find wireless Internet, cutting-edge classroom facilities and lots of activities.
  •  Go on location. At our locations in Manchester, Seacoast, Nashua, and Salem (New Hampshire), and Brunswick (Maine), you’ll find several liberal arts course programs, along with computers, online library resources and more.
  •  Go online. Several liberal arts courses are available through SNHU Online. You’ll also get online advising, tutoring, library access and more.
  •  Go your own way. Mix it up. Take some classes on campus, others on location and the rest online. Go wherever you like. The choice is yours.
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Assoc. Dean: Steven K. Johnson, PhD
Email: s.johnson5@snhu.edu

Office Manager: Jackie Hickox

Sr. Admin Assistant: Trina Savage
Email: k.savage@snhu.edu

Phone: 603.629.4626