Propose a New Residential Learning Community Program


Who can Submit a Proposal?
Residential Learning Communities are driven by student interest and initiative. Any full-time student may submit a proposal. The student(s) submitting the proposal are the Program Director(s) (There is a limit of no more than two per program.) A program is a year-long schedule of educational activities focused around a central theme, such as a foreign language, science, health and wellness, diverse cultures or art.

Deadlines for RLC Program Proposals: TBD
one or two paragraph description of the proposed program including:

  • What you hope the program will accomplish
  • Why you want to be a program director
  • A list of some of the educational objectives

RLC Program Proposal

Program Proposal Information Sessions
Students who intend to submit a proposal are strongly encouraged to attend one of the following Program Proposal Information Sessions: 

  • TBD

Eligible Program Themes

Any proposal with learning objectives that are appropriate for SNHU support will be considered. The program's primary objective must promote the attainment of knowledge as opposed to simply the development of skills. Programs may build upon an existing SNHU course with the permission of the professor or may pursue new educational directions for program members and for SNHU. We encourage proposals that fit into one of the following themes: Creative and Performing Arts, Diverse Cultures and Languages, General and Professional Interest, Health Professions and Wellness, Liberal Arts and Science, Technology and the Environment. .

Proposal Review Process

All program proposals will be evaluated for selection by the RLC Advisory Committee, which is composed of students, faculty and staff.

Criteria upon which the Selection Committee will base its decision include:

  • Are the proposal's learning objectives clearly stated in performance-based terms?
  • Are they achievable within the indicated time frame?
  • Are they appropriate for SNHU support?
  • What are the proposal's academic strengths?
  • Do the objectives promote attainment of knowledge as opposed to attainment of skills? Attainment of skills is not in itself a suitable goal for Programmed Pods.
  • Do appropriate action steps support each stated learning objective?
  • Is there a realistic timeline for the implementation of the action steps?
  • Is the residential aspect (program members living together in Pods) important to the overall objectives of the program?
  • Is there sufficient evidence of student interest?
  • What are the plans for attracting students to join the program?
  • To what extent will the program's activities be made available for the benefit of all Programmed Pods residents? To SNHU? To the larger community?

RLC Proposal Format

Complete outline of the required program format and a sample proposal. Consistent format is required so that all proposals can be fairly compared.


Contact Us

Program Coordinator
DaVaughn M. Vincent-Bryan
Phone: 603.518.3600

Associate Coordinator
Alexander Villagomez

Residential Fellow
Kat Byron