Granite Bowl Experiential Learning Course

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Greg Gosselin '11

Granite Bowl is a two-day flag football tournament that is open to the public with a youth tournament on day one and an adult tournament on day two. The Granite Bowl organization is nonprofit and funded by generous sponsors and registration fees. Proceeds from the event support the Tuffy Phelps Scholarship Fund and Team Emma's Enchantment.

The event is organized in its entirety by the Event Management and Marketing class at Southern New Hampshire University. Students must apply to participate in this course offered by the Sport Management Department. This is an experiential learning course in which students plan and run events.

Here is what recent student participants said about this course:

 ''As a student ‘staff member' in the Sport Event Management and Marketing course, I cannot believe how much I have really learned about working in a setting of this type.  I knew going into the course that it was going to be run like an organization, but I really did not know how much coordination and teamwork it was really going to take.  I learned so much about working with people and finding ways to make a community event a major success.  The entire Granite Bowl experience is something I will never forget!''
-- Megan Shay, ‘09

 ''This class excellent opportunity for all sport management majors here at SNHU. You get the opportunity to work in the class as you would in an organization, as we develop a core purpose and core values which guided us every day in our work.  I think that this class is the best class offered here at SNHU from a hands-on perspective.  It was a great feeling working all semester long to prepare for our event weekend, and then finally having that day come and watch the event be a great success.  This class...prepares you for a career in event management.''
-- Tim Francis, ‘09

 ''My experience in the Granite Bowl this past year was unlike any other I have ever had. For the first time in my life I was able to work behind the scenes and structure a tournament, while still being a student at Southern New Hampshire. This hands-on experience was a difficult process to say the least, but to know at the end that I can run a tournament and bring people into a community event is something I will never forget and will forever have confidence with.''
-- Robert S. Cuzzi, ‘11