SNHU's Jennifer Landon on Creative Job Hunting

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Counselors Say Unemployed Must Keep Motivated To Find Job

Manchester, N.H. -- With unemployment numbers still inching up, career counselors are trying to find creative ways to motivate people to look for a job.

Job loss is hitting every industry, even those thought to be recession-proof such as health care and education. Job counselors are telling people that they need to be willing to go the extra mile, whether it be perfecting their resumes or training for the job they want.

"Sometimes you want to go in a corner and cry," said Ernest Green, who was laid off from his job of 27 years in February. "Working all these years, 80 hours a week, and down to nothing."

Career counselor Marlene Rodrique said many newly unemployed people have been having a hard time adjusting.

"I'm seeing real discouragement in clients," she said. "It's very difficult for them."

She said her advice has changed as the recession dragged on.

"We are giving out a lot of social service information," she said. "You have to make sure you know where the food pantries are, human services, can they get health care."

Unemployment benefits are into their third extension, and Rodrique said people need to think creatively when searching for a job.

"Say, 'I have these skills, what can I acquire that I can build on?'" she said. "That way, you're not going into something with no skills at all because that just creates another problem."

At Southern New Hampshire University, director of career development Jennifer Landon said she's not sure all students appreciate how bad the job market is.

"I think some students are looking at this as possibly being immune to it," she said. "Reality hasn't sunk in."

Landon said students have to sell themselves like never before.

"I did some research," she said. "Anywhere around 80 percent of positions available are not even advertised. Networking is key."

Rodrique said she has been able to place more people in jobs recently in health care and construction, as well as in administrative positions.

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