For Principals/Administrators - SNHU in the High School Dual Enrollment Program

High school students can take university-level courses as part of their regular high school schedules for only $100 per course through SNHU in the High School.

High school dual enrollment programs continue to increase in popularity for high school students, parents, teachers and school administrators. The benefits:

  • A 90-percent savings on tuition – only $100 per course
  • Reduced high school drop-out rates
  • Increased student engagement
  • Higher GPAs and college enrollment rates
  • The opportunity for students to experience the academic workload of a university-level course before going to college

To participate, principals and administrators identify their teachers who have the appropriate qualifications and credentials and the prospective high school courses that could align with SNHU introductory-level courses.

Dual enrollment programs like SNHU in the High School are well-established and growing in popularity around the country as more administrators realize the numerous benefits to the students. Congress is reviewing at least 9 bills encouraging further development of concurrent enrollment programs that would expand and support these college-high school partnerships.

We hope you will encourage your teachers to investigate and participate in the program, provide professional development opportunities for your teachers and collaborate with the university’s dual enrollment office to promote the program in your school. Interested Principals and Administrators wishing to implement courses should contact the Director for Dual Enrollment at Southern New Hampshire University.