For Students - SNHU in the High School

Get a jump start on college with SNHU in the High School.

There are plenty of reasons to consider Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment courses through SNHU in the High School. For example, you begin the process of accumulating early college credits and save time by taking classes while you're in high school that can be applied toward your college degree. Also, you will save a lot of money by taking the courses while in high school and gain experience as a college student, so you learn early what to expect from post-secondary courses. 

The courses are taught by your high teachers during the regular school day. The program allows eligible high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, to take SNHU courses to earn credit simultaneously toward both a high school diploma and a college degree. While there is no guarantee, the college credits earned may be transferable to other colleges and universities as well. Universities have varying policies on accepting transfer credits and you will need to consult with any intended college/university to determine transferability.

SNHU in the High School is available at many local schools.