FAQ's - SNHU in the High School

What are the advantages of the SNHU in the High School dual enrollment program?

Students begin the process of earning early college credits, have the opportunity to rise to the challenge of college work, experience the academic workload demands and requirements of a university-level course and gain the confidence to make a smooth transition from high school to college or university.

Who can participate in the program?

Qualified high school sophomores, juniors and seniors may participate. Students are encouraged to discuss eligibility with their teachers to be sure they can meet the requirements of the course.

Which high schools offer dual enrollment courses?

SNHU in the High School is available in many area high schools.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a three-credit course is only $100, and $25 for a one-credit lab (where applicable) which represents a significant savings of more than 90 percent over regular SNHU tuition.

How do students register for a course?

Students complete an SNHU in the High School dual enrollment application (including parental permission); submit the application with a $100 fee, either by check payable to SNHU or by completing the credit card information on the application, and give it to the teacher. The teacher will collect all fees and applications and forward them to their high school liaison who will forward to the dual enrollment office at the university. The applications and fees will be processed and students will be given the status of part-time, non-matriculating, non-degree-seeking students at SNHU.

How are grades determined and reported?

Grades are determined by the high school teacher, who will submit a final grade roster to the director for dual enrollment at SNHU. Grades will be recorded by the SNHU registrar and will appear on an SNHU transcript. Students may request an official transcript once grades have been recorded.  The current fee per transcript request will apply.  The process is completely automated and students will need to provide their SNHU ID number to assist in identifying the correct student.

Can students withdraw from a course?

Students may withdraw from an SNHU course prior to November 15 for a one-semester course or March 15 for a full-year course but only with the support of the teacher and parent(s).  The high school teacher/administrator must submit written notification to the director for dual enrollment at SNHU. This policy is strictly adhered to and no exceptions will be made; therefore it is important for students to monitor their progress in the course. Written requests for withdrawal must be submitted by the high school teacher. Should a student withdraw from an SNHU course, the fee will not be refunded.

Can students repeat a course to raise his or her grade?

Students may repeat any course. The last grade earned becomes the grade of record and only the credits for the last grade earned count toward the student's record of completed credits at SNHU. If students are still in high school when they finish the course the first time, they must complete a new course registration form and pay the fee again before retaking the course. If students have graduated from high school, they may repeat the course at SNHU. They must pay full credit tuition for any course taken at the university. They may not receive double university credit for a course that has been retaken.

Will the SNHU credits transfer to other colleges?

SNHU courses are regular university courses and appear on an official SNHU transcript. Because the university is accredited by NEASC, its credits are generally accepted by all colleges and universities, but there is no guarantee. Universities have varying policies on accepting transfer credits and it is the responsibility of the student to consult with any intended college/university to determine if the SNHU course(s) can be transferred to other institutions. Detailed course descriptions are available in our online catalog. Only official transcripts are considered by universities making credit transfer decisions.

How do I request my transcript?

The Office of the University Registrar will process all request for transcripts. Students can request official transcripts by visiting www.snhu.edu/dual under the transcript request tab. Students will need their SNHU student ID in order to create an account. Once an account is created, the request will be processed within minutes. This service provides improved security, automation, product delivery and efficiency. In addition to our paper transcripts, students now have the ability to purchase secured electronic transcripts - add rush and expedited orders, as well as document tracking, all at the click of a button. The current fee per transcript will apply.

Questions regarding transcript request services should be directed to transcripts@snhu.edu or 603.626.9100 extension 2297.