For Teachers - SNHU in the High School

Currently approved (see approval process) teachers in the program are qualified to teach SNHU courses in their high schools; considered SNHU adjunct faculty members and a part of the university community. SNHU in the High school teachers have the opportunity to challenge students by providing an experience that allows them to earn college credits while still in high school. By participating in the SNHU in the High School program, teachers take an active role in fostering the commitment to excellence in education while enjoying the challenge and professional growth opportunities. Interaction between the high school teachers and sponsoring university SNHU fosters strong local networks among secondary and post-secondary educators.

Teachers interested in participating in the dual enrollment program must meet minimum SNHU adjunct criteria (see below) and complete the approval process:

  • Minimum of a master's degree (preferably in the discipline) and demonstrated teaching experience
  • Submit a completed Course/Instructor Approval Request Form with appropriate signatures by:
    • November 15 for consideration for courses with a Spring start date (January)
    • March 15 for consideration for courses with a Fall start date (September)
  • Submit a completed course syllabus and pacing guide on the SNHU template for the intended course
  • Submit official transcripts
  • Submit current resume

Upon receipt of the above, an SNHU faculty member/department chair conducts a course syllabus ''mapping'' to verify the fidelity of the high school course to the SNHU course with respect to the breadth and depth of content and also pedagogy and assessment methods. The teacher will be notified by the Director for Dual Enrollment as to the decision. If approved the teacher and school administrator will receive an official approval letter stating that the course(s) can be offered in the high school for college credit. Minimum student enrollment is 6 for the course to be offered as dual enrollment. When the course(s) is offered, an assigned SNHU faculty partner/liaison will visit the class to evaluate content, pedagogy and assessment methods to ensure quality and comparability with courses taught at SNHU.