Autumn in New Hampshire: Five Artists Envision Fall (Sept. 24 - Oct. 3)

Richard Morin, Swamp Maple Autumn (oil sticks on paper)

In a range of expression from the picturesque to the sublimely abstract, the artists in this show capture essential qualities of the New Hampshire autumn. The artists are Carol Aronson-Shore, Sally Ladd Cole (courtesy Anderson-Soule Gallery), Richard Morin (courtesy Anderson-Soule Gallery), Monique Sakellarios, and Molly Wensberg (courtesy McGowan Fine Art).

This show demonstrates the breadth of the season's characteristics -- from joyous color to autumnal decline. It will also indicate how diverse our reactions to the season can be, and how differently individual artists express those reactions.

Carol Aronson-Shore, professor emeritus of art at the University of New Hampshire, exhibits nationally and is represented in many private and corporate collections. Devoted to landscape and its relationship to natural light, Shore states that "my arrival in New Hampshire closely coincided with my birth as a landscape painter." Over the past 25 years of her work's evolution, light has remained "the touchstone metaphor for vision, insight and transformation."

Sally Ladd Cole has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the region, largely devoted to her landscape paintings. McIninch Gallery Director Robert Craven calls her paintings "realistic, yet touching on the transcendental." Cole says that in her paintings she tries to capture the "feeling of joy, awe, and peace" she finds in nature, and she hopes her art will help viewers appreciate this "precious resource that needs protecting."

Richard Morin, a painter from Manchester, is a lover of color and form. Working largely on paper with oil sticks and traditional oil paint, Morin creates compositions in which areas of color evoke emotion. "Morin's color composition was what made me ask him to participate in the show," Craven says. "His abstract views of autumn are vibrant and expressive."

Monique Sakellarios is well-known for the warm palette of her impressionist-style oil paintings. She is represented by galleries throughout the United States and has won numerous national and international awards. Sakellarios frequently paints soft landscapes and garden scenes that transmit feelings of tranquility and introspection.

Molly Wensberg has long been fascinated with the quickly-disappearing farmlands that remind us of the traditions of New Hampshire's past. Craven calls her landscapes "spare and clean," portrayals not only of the land but of the light and air that give it meaning. Wensberg finds that the landscape offers "an infinite range of possibilities," as she seeks to capture in paint the feeling of a moment.

This show is part of the statewide exhibition series
New Hampshire: The State of Art, which showcases Granite State art and artists at 26 museums and galleries throughout the state, from September through December 2005. The series is a project of the NH Visual Arts Coalition, presented in partnership with the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and is generously sponsored by Ocean National Bank, Public Service of New Hampshire, and US Trust Company, NA.

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