ePortfolio in the School of Education

The purpose of the Electronic Portfolio system is twofold: it allows education majors to take ownership of their learning and enables the School of Education to provide a means for candidates to demonstrate their competencies using cutting edge technology, as well as allowing the collection of data regarding those competencies. The essential question guiding students’ construction of their ePortfolios is: How does your ePortfolio demonstrate to the educational community who you are and who you are becoming as an educator?

The School of Education uses Chalk and Wire as an Assessment Management System where students upload artifacts, or key assignments, for most School of Education courses. These correlate to teacher competencies and are assessed by rubrics allowing students to view their progress. This is considered a Learning ePortfolio. These artifacts are housed in the “School of Education –Final” Table of Contents in Chalk and Wire.

The School of Education uses faculty approved rubrics in an effort to maintain consistency across delivery systems (i.e. undergraduate day and continuing education).  The Writing Rubric may be used in any course in which there is a writing assignment. The Reflective Practice of Field Experience is used in courses that contain embedded field experience hours and may be used in any other courses in which faculty require field experience and subsequent reflective writing. Additionally, a disposition assessment is completed by three faculty members and the student (self-assessment) at key junctures such as application to TCP, application to student teaching, and during the culminating student teaching experience.

In addition to uploading artifacts for courses, students also construct ePortfolios for other courses. For example, EDU 235 Learning with Technology found on degree plans for all certification programs. In this course students learn the tool and how to construct a Customized ePortfolio. During EDU 490/571 Student Teaching and Seminar, in the final semester, students will create a Professional Portfolio to show a prospective employer. Students create their own pages and determine the content that best represents who they have become as an educator. Guidance will be provided during these courses so that candidates learn how to construct a personalized ePortfolio.

Based on these two essential uses of ePortfolio, all students in the School of Education and teacher certification programs are required to purchase and maintain a current subscription to Chalk and Wire (available through the campus bookstore).