Honors Program Courses

Program Courses Required of all Honors Students

HON 201 Interdisciplinary Studies (Great Books I)
HON 202 Interdisciplinary Studies (Great Books II)
HON 401 Honors Thesis

Offered to all Honors Freshmen
SNHU101-H Honors SNHU 101
ENG 121-H Honors College Composition II
MAT 150 Honors Finite Mathematics
MAT 151 Honors Applied Calculus
MAT 250 Honors Statistic

Additional Honors Courses
HON 301 Honors Seminar (Variable Content)
HON 314 Research Methods Workshop
HON 381 Model United Nations
Note: HON 301 can be repeated when the content changes.

Honors Modules
In collaboration with the Honors Director, each Honors student has the opportunity to develop his or her own individualized Honors Modules. Also known as “courses by contract,” these allow the student to add honors content to courses in the University Core or their own Major.