IT Management Track Certificate

Prepare Yourself for a Career in Information Systems Management

Earn a graduate certificate in Information Systems Management and prepare yourself for some of the most in-demand positions in the country. The Information Systems Management Graduate Certificate is designed to introduce you to the technology, tools, techniques and processes used by IT managers today. You will explore topics such as e-commerce, security, content organization, and emerging IT trends to give you a well-rounded perspective on information systems management. Designed for busy professionals, this 15-credit hour graduate certificate is offered on campus throughout the year and is taught by highly knowledgeable faculty members with real world experience.

Gain Valuable, Hands-on Skills in Information Systems Management

Through a combination of class lectures, hands-on labs, and case studies, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to help you advance in your career or land a position in information systems management. This Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Management explores issues such as:

  • How information technology is incorporated within contemporary organizations to gain a competitive advantage;
  • How telecommunications technology, standards, policy and strategy are implemented globally; and,
  • The principles, techniques and implications of digital commerce and e-business.

Courses are taught by experienced Information Systems Management professionals and business leaders who understand how to apply theory in real-world environments.

Excellent Job Growth for Information Systems Management Professionals

Earning your Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Management will help you compete for coveted, in-demand positions around the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, faster than average employment growth (18 percent) is expected for computer and information systems managers between 2010-2020. Job prospects should be "excellent" for these positions. The BLS also reports that overall employment of computer network, systems, and database administrators is projected to increase by 30 percent in that same time period — much faster than the average for all occupations - with around 286,600 new jobs to be added.

Information Systems Management Track Required Courses

IT-500: Information Technology
This course focuses on the many ways information technology is incorporated within contemporary organizations and used to achieve a competitive advantage in the national and international marketplace. The interrelationships between information technology, management and organizations are emphasized. Management of the system development process and the tools and methods used to produce quality information systems also are studied. Background preparation: 3 credit hours in information technology or equivalent. IT 500 cannot be taken for credit or as an elective if IT 510 has been completed.
IT-503: Digital Commerce and eBusiness
This course is a comprehensive survey of the principles, techniques and implications of digital commerce and e-business. It covers the entire spectrum of Web-centric forms of communication and trade amongst commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, employee and consumer participants and partners. Important areas such as e-business models, security, privacy and ethics are covered along with the major Internet tools and architecture behind digital commerce. Students use a Web development tool to build and post a site and learn what an organization must do to effectively use e-commerce to achieve a competitive advantage.
IT-500 or IT-510 or permission of instructor
IT-550: Management of Information Technology
This course is a detailed introduction to the major issues underlying the successful management of information technology in contemporary organizations. The course covers three major areas: (1) The interrelations between organizational structure and process, and the adoption of new information systems technologies; (2) The actual management of the IT function within the organization; and (3) IT project management which focuses on the operational steps in designing and carrying out specific IT projects. This course will utilize case studies as an introduction to real-world IT management best practices and strategies, and to guide students to understanding the impact of emerging technologies in business contexts.
IT-641: Telecommunications for Business
This course is an introduction to telecommunications technology, standards, policy and strategy for business managers in a global environment. Topics covered include the basics of data communications and networking, uses and applications of telecommunications and the convergence of data communications and other types of communications. These include phone, multi- media and other systems. Technology and standards of telecommunications are covered in this course from the perspective of business managers.
IT-500 or IT-510 or permission of instructor
IT-647: Web Site Construction and Management
This course is an introduction to the construction and management of interactive Web sites. It involves technical issues such as standards, HTML/ XML, scripting, embedded rich media and database connectivity; design issues such as audience analysis, content organization, accessibility, page layout, styling and templates and management issues such as organizing, branding, managing and marketing the Web site. The course focuses on designing Web sites with creative interfaces, aesthetic style, functional structure and navigation. There is equal emphasis on technical proficiency, creative comprehension and management concepts. This course does have hands-on labs.
IT-500 or IT-510

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