International Finance Certificate - Graduate

International Finance Certificate

In the International Finance Certificate graduate program you will gain the knowledge and skills required to make effective financial decisions at multinational corporations. Learn about the impact of worldwide economic, social, and political issues on international  markets and financial management decisions in a global environment. Understand the complexities of a multicultural, multicurrency financial world. The International Finance Certificate is a five-course, 15-credit interdisciplinary program offered by the International Business, Finance, and Economics departments at Southern New Hampshire University.

Hone your International Finance Skill Set

Building on a foundation of managerial accounting, financial management, quantitative analysis, and multinational corporate environments knowledge, you will develop additional skills in international finance. During your International Finance Certificate course work you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate risk and funding strategies in international monetary relationships;
  • Apply advanced international finance techniques relative to short- and long-term financing and investments;
  • Assess the value of securities and methods for managing investment portfolios;
  • Evaluate the forces of a global market on international investing;
  • Apply modern financial theories and tools to international project finance.

Increase Your Career Opportunities

Globalization has increased the value of those with a world view and understanding of financial management, at both multinational and national companies. With a graduate Certificate in International Finance, you will be well positioned to work in finance-related positions in a wide range of companies and industries that operate in global markets. Job opportunities for financial managers in the management field, for example, are expected to increase 78 percent in the decade prior to 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The International Finance Graduate Certificate will expand your international finance knowledge and can open up additional career opportunities.

Foundation Courses

ACC-500: Managerial Accounting
Students in this course study the accumulation of accounting information. The internal use of accounting for management planning, control and decision-making is emphasized. Background preparation: 6 credit hours of accounting or equivalent. Note: ACC 500 cannot be taken for credit or as an elective if ACC 510 has been completed.
FIN-500: Financial Management
This course is a study of financial decision- making in a firm, including its relationship to financial markets and institutions. Background preparation: 6 credit hours in economics.
ACC-500, ACC-510 or ACC-550 and MBA-502
INT-610: Multinational Corporate Environment
This course is a survey of economic, social and political relationships among and within nations, and their impacts upon corporations that operate in an international context.
QSO-510: Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
This is a survey of the mathematical, probabilistic and statistical tools available for assisting in the operation and management of industrial organizations. Background preparation: 6 credit hours in mathematics and 3 credit hours in statistics, or the equivalent.

Required Courses

FIN-640: Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
Students study the techniques used to assess the value of securities and the methods used in the management of investment portfolios. Stocks and bonds are discussed in terms of valuation, risk- return measurement, diversification and other aspects of portfolio theory.
FIN-500 or 550 depending on catalog year.
FIN-655: International Investments/Portfolio Management
This course will expose money managers to the complexities of a multicultural, multicurrency environment. In a complex global environment they have to be familiar with foreign cultures, traditions, markets, institutions, instruments, regulations, taxes, and costs. They need to be familiar with the forces of globalization as they affect international investing. This course seeks to impart some of the concepts, techniques, and skills the money manager should be equipped with to operate effectively in complex global environment.
INT-620: Multinational Corporate Finance
This course is a study of the problems of financing and reporting international operations. The evaluation of risk and funding strategies in international monetary relationships are emphasized.
INT-621: Advanced Multinational Financial Management
The course focuses on global company's short and long term financing and investment decisions as well as measurement and management of exchange rate and international interest rate risks. A range of advanced international finance techniques and their institutional setting are introduced throughout the course and students are exposed to practical applications through case studies and other experiential learning techniques.

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