College Unbound@SNHU Outcomes

College Unbound@SNHU students will graduate with something every employer is looking for: professional working experience in your field of interest.

Employers feel that recent graduates are not prepared to contribute upon entering an organization because they lack the ability to solve complex problems, to work across disciplines, to analyze and synthesize, and to discern logic from illogic. The Bachelor of Arts in integrated studies students earn in College Unbound@SNHU is specifically designed to help students master the competencies that employers are longing for.

You will graduate ready to lead and with experiences, skills and knowledge that will set you apart from other graduates. College Unbound students are truly “career-ready.”

Students in College Unbound will have a leg up on other graduates upon entering the workforce:

  • Three years of internship/work experience in a chosen career path
  • A portfolio with multiple projects that showcase professional achievements 
  • A set of skills that are in high demand and are transferable to any job
  • A network of professional mentors to guide and assist you throughout a career 
  • A record of community service and civic engagement
  • Demonstrated confidence and the ability to pursue whatever path you wish to explore next (i.e. graduate school, a profession, leadership roles, community service)

A Bachelor of Arts in integrated studies also prepares students to pursue graduate school in their chosen field.

College Unbound@SNHU
Christine Blais, M.S
Program Coordinator, College Unbound @ SNHU
Phone: 603.626.9100 , ext 3331
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