College Unbound@SNHU (B.A. Integrated Studies)


Go for the real-world experience

Gain an education that emphasizes project-based, real-world learning instead of classroom time with College Unbound@SNHU. Students graduate ready to lead and with experiences, skills and knowledge that set them apart from other graduates. You will be “career-ready” and already will have professional experience in your field of interest.

The Program starts with your interests, not a prescribed set of courses.

College Unbound is a three year, year-round program that brings educational concepts and theories to life. With College Unbound@SNHU, you will engage in different cultures and communities and experience a personalized, live-learning (internship) approach, with support from faculty throughout the program.

  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts in integrated studies.
  • Focus on your interests.
  • Apprentice and collaborate with entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Learn on and off campus.
  • Tackle real-world problems.  

This is a vibrant, fast-paced learning environment that includes internships (live learning), seminars, workshops, cultural events, service and team projects. You also will work with advisors and faculty to create a course of study that is centered on your interests.

National and international education experiences are included as well, through travel designed to enrich understanding of other cultures and the global economy.

Get Out of the Traditional Classroom

College Unbound@SNHU students work with faculty, professional advisors, mentors and fellow students to tackle real-world problems. This means you spend far less time in the traditional classroom, and more time learning in exciting, dynamic environments that more closely resemble the world or work. Think office buildings, laboratories, fields, seminar rooms and more.

Big Picture Learning

College Unbound is a Big Picture Learning Initiative. Big Picture Learning is a not-for-profit that manages a network of more than 70 alternative high schools that boast 95-percent attendance rates, 95-percent graduation rates and 82-percent college continuation rates.

College Unbound is the articulation of the BPL philosophy in Higher Education. College Unbound@SNHU is a partnership between Big Picture Learning and SNHU.

College Unbound@SNHU Application Process

The application process for College Unbound@SNHU relies on interviews, leadership experience, community involvement, personal essays and student portfolios. In addition to the freshman or transfer admissions application materials, applicants will also refer to the College Unbound @SNHU Application Process for additional application requirements. More...

Financial Aid

Ninety percent of our students receive some form of financial aid which includes need-based grants, academic and commuter scholarships, work-study, and loans. Annually, students received nearly $50 million in financial aid from private, state, institutional and federal sources. More...

College Unbound@SNHU
Christine Blais, M.S
Program Coordinator, College Unbound @ SNHU
Phone: 603.626.9100 , ext 3331
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