Apply: Freshman Admission

How to apply
1. Complete & submit the application (including the essay & fee):

2. Submit documents to SNHU Office of Admission:

  • Your official high school transcript (or GED) 
  • SAT or ACT scores (optional). SAT School code is 3649 and ACT School code is 2514.
  • One letter of recommendation from your school counselor or a teacher. 
  • Creative Writing applicants:  an additional 10-page writing sample is required prior to enrolling.
  • Music Education applicants:  an audition is required prior to enrolling.  
  • University Honors Program applicants: an additional essay and completed Honors application
  • 3YR Honors Program in Business Administration applicants: an interview (in addition to the University Honors Program application and essay) is required. Please contact Kyle Viator to schedule the appointment.

3. Explore financial aid.

4. Contact your Admission Counselor if you have questions along the way.

Application Deadlines

You can apply anytime, but we recommend that you apply;

  • Before March 15 for fall admission
  • Before Dec. 1 for spring

Early action plan;
Freshman applicants can apply before Nov. 15 (for the fall),
and get an admission decision by Dec. 15.

If you’re applying as a transfer student, see transferring to SNHU.

Freshman Application Guidelines

As we look at your application, our first consideration is your academic background. We also look for well-rounded students who have a variety of interests and have been involved in school and/or community activities.

Most candidates admitted to SNHU have completed 16 college-prep courses, including:

  • Four years of English
  • Three or more years of mathematics
  • Two or more years of science
  • Two or more years of social science