Wellness Center

Snow Angel

Our Vision
Assuring that the wellness model is integrated into the decisions and operations of the institution and each individual's growth and development.

Our Mission
The Wellness Center's mission is to promote the development and integration of intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, emotional, and occupational wellness through education and treatment.

Our Values and Beliefs:
The staff of the Wellness Center value prevention over treatment.

The staff of the Wellness Center believe:

  • Change occurs at both individual and systematic levels
  • College is an opportunity for growth in and out of the classroom
  • Learning occurs in a variety of contexts
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • An educational institution is responsible for challenging students to become intellectually curious, socially responsible and emotionally healthy members of the community.


Contact Us

Location: Student Center
Phone: 603.645.9679 or 603.645.9616
Fax: 603.645.9711
Email: wellness@snhu.edu