Courses Offered

Academic Level:


CED - Community Economic Development Courses
CED-803: Qualitative Research Methods
CED-804: Evaluation Research Methods
CED-805: Demography/GIS in CED Policy/Planning
CED-811: Political and Economic Theory
CED-812: Social Theory
CED-813: Community Economic Development Theory
CED-814: Contemporary Economic Theory
CED-815: Social Inequality
CED-851: Seminar in CED
CED-858: Policy Analysis and CED
CED-859: Advanced Policy Analysis in CED
CED-860: Transformation of Development Organizations
CED-861: Nonprofit Management
CED-863: Civil Society, Social Capital and Participation
CED-864: Advanced Financial Analysis for CED
CED-866: Globalization, States and Community
CED-881: Independent Study
CED-890A: CED Dissertation Sem I: Research Question
CED-891: Doctoral Continuation
CED-892: Advanced Dissertation Seminar I
CED-893: Advanced Dissertation Seminar II
CED-894: Dissertation Proposal
CED-895: Doctoral Dissertation
EDU - Education Courses
EDU-910: Theory into Practice I
EDU-911: Educational Scholarship
EDU-913: Sociocultural Analysis of Education Syst
EDU-914: Reflection and Evaluation I
EDU-916: Applied Research I
EDU-918: Applied Research II
EDU-919: Decision Making in Education Systems I
EDU-920: Theory into Practice II
EDU-921: Reflection and Evaluation II
EDU-923: Decision Making in Education Systems II
EDU-924: Case Study I
EDU-926: Case Study II
EDU-928: Research-Based Independent Study I
EDU-929: Research-Based Independent Study II
EDU-930: Theory into Practice III
EDU-943: Dissertation I
EDU-944: Dissertation II
EDU-945: Dissertation III
EDU-950: Dissertation Colloquium
INT - International Business Courses
INT-800: Foreign Direct Investment
INT-810: Privatization
INT-820: Seminar in Multinational Finance
INT-830: Theories of Globalization
INT-840: Seminar in Multinational Marketing
INT-850: Seminar in Global Business Strategy
INT-880: Advanced Quant Methods/Int'l Bus I
INT-881: Advanced Quant Methods/Int'l Bus II
INT-890: Doctoral Colloquium
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