Courses Offered

Academic Level:


ACC - Accounting Courses
ACC-500: Managerial Accounting
ACC-550: Cost Accounting
ACC-610: Financial Reporting I
ACC-620: Financial Reporting II
ACC-630: Financial Reporting III
ACC-640: Auditing
ACC-645: Advanced Auditing
ACC-646: Introduction to Forensic Accounting/ Fraud Exam
ACC-660: Controllership
ACC-660X: Controllership
ACC-675: Control/Audit of Accounting Info System
ACC-680: International Accounting
ACC-680X: International Accounting
ACC-685: Accounting for Nonprofit Entities
ACC-690: Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting
ACC-691: Detection/Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Statements
ACC-692: Interview Techniques/Legal Aspects of Fraud
ACC-693: Investigating with Computers
ACC-695: Seminar in Audit/Information Assurance
ACC-696: Situational Ethics in Accounting
ACC-700: Accounting Capstone
ACC-710: Accounting Internship
ACC-720: Auditing & Attestation Review Course
ACC-730: Financial Reporting Review Course
ACC-798: Independent Study
BMB - Berklee Music Business Courses
BMB-515: Music Business Structure and Strategies
BMB-630: Music Marketing Strategies
BMB-655: Music Business Finance
BMB-670: Music Business Leadership and Ethics
CED - Community Economic Development Courses
CED-601: Introduction to Ced in the U.S.
CED-602: Introduction to International Ced
CED-611: Research Methods in CED
CED-613: Organizational Management in CED
CED-621: Project Design in CED
CED-622: Project Planning in CED
CED-623: Project Management in CED
CED-624: Project Evaluation in CED
CED-631: Housing Policy and Development
CED-632: Urban Neighborhood Revitalization
CED-634: Financing Community Economic Development
CED-636: Foundations of Community Action
CED-641: Economics
CED-642: Economics and Development
CED-644: Microenterprise Development
CED-652: Community Building and Organizing
CJ - Criminal Justice Courses
CJ-500: Critical Issues in the Criminal Justice System
CJ-510: Leadership, Ethics and Policing
CJ-520: Criminology and Public Policy
CJ-550: Assessing Organizational Performance
CJ-560: Courts and Judicial Process
CJ-675: Data-Driven Decision-Making in Criminal Justice
CJ-680: Leadership and Management in Criminal Justice Organizations
CJ-790: Criminal Justice Capstone
COM - Communication Courses
COM-500: Communication, Media & Society
COM-510: The Vantage Point: Knowledge & New Media
COM-530: Law & Ethics: A Line in the Sand
COM-540: Second Self: Identity & Personal Brands
COM-565: Communication with Media Technology
COM-566: Pen to Platform
COM-567: Digital Tools and Teams
COM-568: New Media Campaign Design & Marketing
COM-575: eHealth and Technology
COM-576: Health Communication & Culture
COM-577: Healthcare Ethics
COM-578: Contemporary Public Policy and Strategy
COM-600: Communication for Leadership
COM-610: More than Words: Communication by Design
COM-620: Strategic Communication in a New Age
COM-655: Reputation Management: Building a Brand
COM-656: Spread the Word: Social Media Practices
COM-657: Crisis Communication in a 24/7 World
COM-658: Integrated Public Relations Campaigns & Measurement
COM-690: Communication Capstone
CSR - Corp Social Responsibility Courses
CSR-510: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR-610: Business Ethics and Culture
CSR-620: Corporate Governance and Accountability
DAT - Data Analytics Courses
DAT-500: Data and Information Management
DAT-510: Foundations of Data
DAT-515: Enterprise Data Management
DAT-520: Decision Methods and Modeling
DAT-530: Presentation and Visualization of Data
DAT-610: Optimization and Risk Assessment
DAT-640: Predictive Analytics
DAT-650: Advanced Data Analytics
DAT-690: Capstone in Data Analytics
DEV - Development Courses
DEV-515: Adolescent Psychology
DEV-520: History and Philosophy of Child Study Movement
DEV-540: Language and Cognitive Development
DEV-545: Psychosocial Development
DEV-550: Administration of Child Development Programs
DEV-560: Family and Culture
DEV-565: Play
DEV-601: Child Assessment
DEV-699: Child Development Practicum
ECO - Economics Courses
ECO-500: Managerial Economics
ECO-505: Introduction to Graduate Economics
ECO-510: Mathematics and Statistics for Economics
ECO-520: Microeconomics Theory and Analysis
ECO-530: Macroeconomics Theory and Analysis
ECO-540: Game Theory and Industrial Organization
ECO-605: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECO-610: Fiscal & Monetary Policies & Practices
ECO-620: Applied Econometrics I
ECO-625: Applied Econometrics II
ECO-675: Seminar in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECO-700: Applied Economics Capstone
ECO-798: Independent Study
EDGR - Education-Field Based Ed Courses
EDGR-600: Profile Seminar
EDGR-601: Action Research Practicum I
EDGR-602: Action Research Practicum II
EDGR-603: Action Research Practicum III
EDGR-604: Action Research Practicum IV
EDGR-610: Dimensions of Curriculum and Management
EDGR-615: Curriculum and Management Decision Making
EDGR-620: Dimensions of Teaching/Instructional Technology
EDGR-625: Teaching and Instructional Technology Applications
EDGR-630: Dimensions of Assessment and Evaluation
EDGR-635: Applications in Assessment/Evaluation
EDGR-640: Dimensions of Leadership & Organization
EDGR-645: Challenges in Leadership
EDGR-650: Dimensions in Learning and Development
EDGR-655: Learning and Development Applications
EDGR-690: Capstone Seminar
EDPD - Education-Professional Devel Courses
EDPD-702: Quantitative Research
EDU - Education Courses
EDU-501: Methods of Teaching Reading
EDU-503: Methods of Teaching Elementary Math
EDU-503C: Methods of Teaching Elementary Math
EDU-503NC: Methods of Teaching Elementary Math
EDU-506: Teaching English Learners
EDU-511: Methods of Teaching in Secondary Schools
EDU-520: The Educator Researcher
EDU-521: Exploring the Principles of Education
EDU-521C: Exploring the Principles of Education
EDU-521NC: Exploring the Principles of Education
EDU-533: Learning through Technology
EDU-533C: Learning through Technology
EDU-533NC: Learning through Technology
EDU-535: Early Childhood Health and Science
EDU-535C: Early Childhood Health and Science
EDU-535NC: Early Childhood Health and Science
EDU-537: Social Studies/Arts for Young Children
EDU-543: Learning Theories and Instruction
EDU-547: Curriculum Development
EDU-550: Educational Assessment
EDU-552: Assessment for and of Learning
EDU-555: Student Centered Curriculum/Instruction
EDU-560: Methods of Teaching English in Middle and High Schools
EDU-565: Methods of Teaching Social Studies: in Middle/High School
EDU-571A: Student Teaching and Seminar
EDU-571B: Student Teaching and Seminar
EDU-582: Educational Factors of Diversity
EDU-5ST4: Physics Modeling I
EDU-5ST5: Physics Modeling II
EDU-5ST6: Chemistry Modeling I
EDU-5ST7: Chemistry Modeling II
EDU-610: Ethics and School Law
EDU-640: Integrating Digital Technology I K-12
EDU-640C: Integrating Digital Technology I K-12
EDU-640NC: Integrating Digital Technology I K-12
EDU-641: Integrating Digital Technology II K-12
EDU-641C: Integrating Digital Technology II K-12
EDU-641NC: Integrating Digital Technology II K-12
EDU-642: Integration Specialist Toolbox
EDU-642C: Integration Specialist Toolbox
EDU-642NC: Integration Specialist Toolbox
EDU-650: Work-Based Learning
EDU-685: Global Educational Technology
EDU-685C: Global Educational Technology
EDU-685NC: Global Educational Technology
EDU-699: Advanced Field Experience
EDU-701: Elementary Education Internship K-4
EDU-702: Elementary Education Internship 5-8
EDU-710: Seminar for School Business Administrators I
EDU-715: Seminar for School Business Administrators II
EDU-720: Seminar for School Business Administrators III
EDU-750: Seminar in Teaching Writing
EDU-760: School Facilities and Finance
EDU-765: School and Community Relations
EDU-770: Certification Internship
EDU-775: Practicum in Curriculum and Instruction
EDU-780: School Organizational Leadership
EDU-790: Practicum in School Leadership
EFL - English As a Foreign Language Courses
EFL-501: Language Learning and Acquisition
EFL-502: Evaluation and Assessment
EFL-503: Descriptive Linguistics of American English
EFL-504: Introduction to Curriculum Development, Design and Implementation
EFL-505: Overview of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Methodology
EFL-523: Listening and Speaking Techniques
EFL-525: Reading and Writing Techniques
EFL-526: Aspects of Literacy/Multilingual Learner
EFL-527: Strategies/Techniques for Teaching Grammar
EFL-530: Methods of Teaching English through Drama
EFL-531: Pronunciation Techniques
EFL-536: Content-Based Instruction
EFL-537: Computer-Assisted Language Learning
EFL-540: Socio-Cultural Context of Language Teaching
EFL-550: Independent Study
EFL-580: Thesis
EFL-599: Supervised Practice Teaching
ENG - English Courses
ENG-510: Studying the Craft
ENG-520: Story and Concept
ENG-523: Screenwriting Fundamentals
ENG-528: Poetry Fundamentals
ENG-529: Fiction Fundamentals
ENG-530: Non-Fiction Fundamentals
ENG-531: Fiction and Film
ENG-532: Studies in Place & Setting
ENG-533: Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Other Popular Fiction
ENG-540: Contemporary Writers and Publishing
ENG-541: Non-Fiction Thesis Writing
ENG-542: The Editor
ENG-547: Screenwriting Thesis Writing
ENG-548: Poetry Thesis Writing
ENG-549: Fiction Thesis Writing
ENG-550: Graduate Studies in English Language
ENG-551: Non-Fiction Thesis Completion
ENG-555: Composition Theory & Teaching of Writing
ENG-557: Screenwriting Thesis Completion
ENG-558: Poetry Thesis Completion
ENG-559: Fiction Thesis Completion
ENG-670: Seminar in Writing Instruction
ENG-675: Online Teaching Experience
ENG-690: English and Creative Writing Capstone
FIN - Finance Courses
FIN-500: Financial Management
FIN-550: Corporate Finance
FIN-610: Short-Term Financial Management
FIN-620: Money and Capital Markets
FIN-630: Capital Budgeting & Financing
FIN-640: Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
FIN-645: Analytical Tools in Portfolio Management
FIN-655: International Investments/Portfolio Management
FIN-660: Creating Value: Merger/Acquisition
FIN-665: Long-Term Financing & Capital Structure Theory
FIN-670: Option Analysis & Financial Derivatives
FIN-680: Personal Financial Planning
FIN-685: Risk Management
FIN-687: Estate Planning and Tax Factors
FIN-690: Financial Econometrics
FIN-691: Financial Modeling
FIN-700: Seminar in Finance
FIN-710: Economics/Finance Internship
FIN-798: Independent Study
GLS - Graduate Language Studies Courses
GLS-470: Writing the Research Paper
GLS-471: Mastering English Grammar
GLS-472: Team Work/Oral Presentation
GLS-570: Graduate Research Strategies
GLS-572: Effective Management Communications
HCM - Healthcare Management Courses
HCM-615: Healthcare Reimbursement Systems and Finance
HCM-620: Healthcare Information Management
HCM-630: Healthcare Quality
HCM-700: Healthcare Administration Capstone
HEA - Higher Education Admin Courses
HEA-510: Philosophy and History of Higher Education
HEA-520: Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
HEA-530: Data-Driven Decision-Making in Higher Education
HEA-540: Program Evaluation
HEA-550: Higher Education Law and Regulation
HEA-560: Educational Policy Making
HEA-610: Enrollment Management and Marketing
HEA-620: Budget and Financial Management in Higher Education
HEA-630: Leading Change in Higher Education
HEA-640: Critical Issues in Student Affairs
HEA-660: Community College Administration
HEA-690: Capstone in Higher Education
HIM - Health Information Management Courses
HIM-500: Healthcare Informatics
HIS - History Courses
HIS-501: Historiography
HIS-502: Historical Methods
HIS-510: Comparative History and Research
HIS-520: Historical Lenses and Scholarship
HIS-600: Early American Encounters
HIS-601: New American Nation
HIS-602: Era of the Civil War
HIS-603: The Gilded Age and Progressive Era
HIS-604: America and the World Wars
HIS-605: Cold War and the American Empire
HIS-620: History of Military Thought
HIS-630: The Russian Revolutions
HIS-640: Chinese Imperialism
HIS-660: Introduction to Public History
HIS-661: Public History Strategic Management
HIS-662: Digitization of History
HIS-663: Documentary Editing
HIS-664: Archival Management
HIS-665: Museum Collection Management
HIS-790: Research Seminar for Historians
HIS-791: Capstone for Research Historians
HIS-792: Capstone for Public Historians
HOS - Hospitality Administration Courses
HOS-798: Independent Study
HRM - Human Resource Management Courses
HRM-630: Topics in Health Administration
IDT - Instructional Design & Tech Courses
IDT-510: Instructional Design and Technology As a Profession
IDT-520: Theories of Learning for Instructional Design
IDT-530: Technology for Learning
IDT-540: Assessment and Evaluation
IDT-550: Learning Design I
IDT-610: Multimedia Design and Production
IDT-620: Learning Design II
IDT-630: Decision Making in Multimedia Design And Production
IDT-640: Managing Instructional Design and Technology Projects
IDT-650: Learning Design III
IDT-670: Seminar in Instructional Design and Technology
IDT-690: Capstone in Instructional Design and Technology
IHP - Integrated Health Profession Courses
IHP-501: Global Health and Diversity
IHP-504: Healthcare Policy and Financing
IHP-505: Leadership in Clinical Microsystems
IHP-510: Marketing, Communications Strategies and Outreach
IHP-515: Population-Based Epidemiology
IHP-525: Biostatistics
IHP-600: Social & Organizational Issues in Healthcare
IHP-604: Healthcare Quality and Improvement
IHP-605: Error Science, Risk Assess & Disclosures
IHP-610: Health Policy and Law
IHP-615: Independent Study
IHP-620: Economic Principles of Healthcare
IHP-630: Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement
IHP-640: Measurement, Analysis, & Models for Performance Improvement
IHP-645: Regulatory Compliance, Accreditation and Promoting a Patient Safety Culture
IHP-670: Program Design, Planning and Evaluation
INT - International Business Courses
INT-600: Multinational Corporate Management
INT-601: Global Entrepreneurship
INT-605: Introduction to International Business & Information Technology
INT-610: Multinational Corporate Environment
INT-620: Multinational Corporate Finance
INT-621: Advanced Multinational Financial Management
INT-640: Multinational Market Strategies
INT-650: International Trade and Competitiveness
INT-655: Understanding Emerging Markets
INT-660: International Negotiations
INT-675: International Corporate Governance & Control
INT-695: Seminar in International Business and Information Technology
INT-700: Multinational Business Strategy
INT-710: International Business Internship
INT-750: Seminar in Multinational Business
INT-798: Independent Study
ISE - Information Security Courses
ISE-510: Security Risk Analysis and Planning
ISE-620: Incident Detection and Response
ISE-640: Investigation and Digital Forensics
ISE-690: Cyber Security Capstone
IT - Information Technology Courses
IT-500: Information Technology
IT-503: Digital Commerce and eBusiness
IT-505: Core Technologies
IT-510: Advanced Information Technology
IT-511: Object Oriented Application Development
IT-515: Innovations in Information Technology
IT-518: Game Design and Development
IT-520: Technical Communication
IT-548: Information Security
IT-549: Foundation in Information Assurance
IT-550: Management of Information Technology
IT-552: Human Factors in Security
IT-560: Database Application for Data Analysis
IT-600: Operating Systems
IT-610: Object-Oriented Systems Analysis
IT-620: Object-Oriented Systems Design
IT-625: Information Technology Project and Team Management
IT-630: Computer Simulation and Modeling
IT-632: Software Design and Modeling
IT-633: Mobile Application Development
IT-634: Distributed Application Development
IT-640: Telecommunications and Networking
IT-641: Telecommunications for Business
IT-642: Information Security Management
IT-643: Network Assessment and Defense
IT-647: Web Site Construction and Management
IT-648: Website Optimization
IT-649: Interface Design for Websites
IT-650: Principles of Database Design
IT-655: Database Application Development
IT-657: Enterprise Resource Planning
IT-659: Cyberlaw and Ethics
IT-660: Artificial Intelligence
IT-665: Client/Server Systems
IT-675: Data Warehouse Concepts and Design
IT-700: Capstone in Information Technology
IT-710: Information Technology Internship
IT-798: Independent Study
JUS - Justice Studies Courses
JUS-600: Police in the American Experience
JUS-601: Correctional Policy and Practice
JUS-602: Courts and Judicial Process
JUS-603: Law, Ethics, and Justice System
JUS-604: Legal and Justice Research
JUS-605: Organized Crime
JUS-606: Planning/Tactics: Homeland and Weapons Of Mass Destruction
JUS-607: Terrorism and Strategic Response
JUS-608: Employment Law
JUS-620: Emergency Management
JUS-621: Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security
JUS-699: Practicum in Justice Studies
JUS-700: Justice Studies Thesis
LIT - Literature Courses
LIT-500: Graduate Studies in Literary Theory
LIT-502: Topics in American Literature
LIT-503: Topics in British Literature
LIT-506: Graduate Studies in Medieval Literature
LIT-507: Graduate Studies in Renaissance and Restoration Literature
LIT-508: Graduate Studies in 18th Century British Literature
LIT-509: Graduate Studies in Romantic Literature
LIT-510: Graduate Studies in Victorian Literature
LIT-511: Graduate Studies in Modern British Literature
LIT-512: Graduate Studies in Early American Literature
LIT-513: Graduate Studies in the American Renaissance
LIT-514: Graduate Studies in American Realism and Naturalism
LIT-515: Graduate Studies in 20th Century American Literature
LIT-517: Graduate Studies in European Literature
LIT-518: Graduate Studies in World Literature
LIT-519: Graduate Studies in Shakespeare
LIT-522: Graduate Studies in Popular and Contemporary Literature
LIT-523: Graduate Studies in Drama
LIT-525: Graduate Studies in the Novel
LIT-527: Graduate Studies in Poetry
LIT-528: Graduate Studies in Multi-Ethnic Literature
LIT-530: Graduate Studies in Gender and Text
LIT-535: Graduate Studies in Major Authors
LIT-545: Graduate Studies Postcolonial Encounters
LIT-550: Graduate Studies in the Black Literary Tradition
LIT-555: American Modernism
LIT-650: Graduate Seminar in American Literature
LIT-651: Graduate Seminar in British Literature
LIT-652: Graduate Seminar in Global Literature
LIT-685: Graduate Thesis in Literature
LIT-690: Master of Arts in English Capstone
MBA - Grad Business Administration Courses
MBA-501: Mathematics and Statistics for Business
MBA-502: Economics for Business
MBA-503: Financial Reporting and Analysis
MBA-515: Business Environment, Innovations and Entrepreneurship
MBA-520: Accounting and Financial Analysis
MBA-550: Leading in an Organization
MBA-560: Marketing and Strategy
MBA-610: Business Law
MBA-635: Ethics, Corporate Culture and Social Responsibility
MBA-640: Finance, Economics, and Decision Making
MBA-665: Government Impact on Business
MBA-690: Operations Management and Technology
MBA-700: Strategic Management
MBA-705: MBA Capstone
MBA-710: Internship
MBA-740: Thesis Option
MBA-750: Independent Study
MGT - Management Courses
MGT-510: Cultivating Organizational Culture
MGT-600: Resource Planning and Decision Making
MGT-620: Principles of Emergency Management
MGT-622: Emergency Planning and Preparedness
MGT-625: Disaster Response and Recovery
MGT-628: Applied Emergency Management
MGT-700: Critical Issues in Management Capstone
MGT-701: Critical Issues in Management Capstone
MKT - Marketing Courses
MKT-500: Marketing Strategies
MKT-515: Distinctive Concepts in Marketing
MKT-525: Insights Into Customer Behavior
MKT-535: Market Quantitative Analysis
MKT-545: Global Marketing
MKT-555: Social Media
MKT-565: Product and Brand Management
MKT-577: Building Customer Relationships
MKT-605: Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT-609: Advertising and Public Relations
MKT-610: Promotions Management
MKT-615: Relationship Selling Strategies
MKT-618: Marketing Analytics
MKT-620: Consumer Behavior
MKT-625: Strategic Internet Marketing
MKT-630: Market Research
MKT-635: Websites and Search Engine Marketing/ Search Engine Optimization
MKT-636: Ethical Marketing Challenges
MKT-645: Online Marketing Channels
MKT-646: Promotional Strategies
MKT-650: Retailing
MKT-655: Social Media Marketing Strategy
MKT-656: Distribution Management
MKT-660: Marketing Strategies for Not-For-Profit Organizations
MKT-666: Social Media Marketing Campaigns
MKT-668: Services Marketing
MKT-670: Product Management
MKT-675: Ethical and Legal Issues in Marketing
MKT-676: Marketing Practicum
MKT-678: Brand Management
MKT-679: Advanced Marketing Research and Analytics
MKT-690: Corporate Communications
MKT-700: Marketing Capstone
MKT-710: Marketing Internship
MKT-798: Independent Study
NUR - Nursing Courses
NUR-500: Advanced Nursing Concepts
NUR-506: Evidence-Based Practice
NUR-507: Transition to Graduate Nursing Practice
NUR-515: Advanced Nursing Concepts
NUR-530: Systems Leadership and Collaborative Practice
NUR-601: Advanced Pathophysiology
NUR-602: Advanced Pharmacology Across the Life Span
NUR-603: Epidemiology
NUR-604: Healthcare Quality and Improvement
NUR-606: Communications and Collaboration
NUR-607: Advanced Health Assessment
NUR-635: Teaching and Learning in Nursing
NUR-640: Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education
NUR-645: Curriculum Design in Nursing
NUR-650: Care Coordination and Outcomes Management
NUR-680: Nursing Capstone Seminar
NUR-681: Nursing Capstone Project
NUR-682: Generalist Nursing Capstone
NUR-683: Patient Safety and Quality Capstone
NUR-684: Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone
NUR-685: Nurse Educator Capstone
OL - Organizational Leadership Courses
OL-500: Human Behavior in Organizations
OL-501: Business Foundations
OL-600: Strategic Human Resource Management
OL-610: Employee and Labor Relations
OL-620: Total Rewards
OL-630: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
OL-635: Consulting
OL-640: Franchising
OL-645: Law, Ethics, and Politics in Human Relations
OL-655: Talent Development and Workforce Planning
OL-660: Redesigning Middle Management
OL-663: Leading Change
OL-665: Leading/Managing Not-For-Profit Orgs
OL-667: Human Resource Information Systems
OL-668: Human Resources in Global Contexts
OL-670: Organizational Leadership
OL-675: Leadership and Ethics
OL-676: Women in Leadership
OL-690: Responsible Corporate Leadership
OL-750: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
OL-751: Human Resource Management Capstone
OL-798: Independent Study
PAD - Public Administration Courses
PAD-630: Foundations of Public Administration
PAD-631: Strategic Management in Public Service
PAD-632: Foundations of Public Policy
PAD-633: Intergovernmental Relations
PCMH - Community Mental Health Courses
PCMH-500: Orientation and Immersion Weekend
PCMH-600: Overview of Clinical MH & SA Counseling
PCMH-605: Measurement & Testing
PCMH-610: Helping Relationships & Clinical Clinical Counseling Techniques
PCMH-615A: Practicum (seminar and Field Experience)
PCMH-615B: Practicum (seminar and Field Experience)
PCMH-621: Treatment Planning in Clinical MH & SA Counseling
PCMH-635: Clinical I: Integrated Mental Health & Addictions Treatment, Child & Family
PCMH-636: Clinical Skills II: Crisis, Trauma, Complex Issues (child, Family)
PCMH-645: Clinical Skills I: Integrated Mental Health & Addictions Treatment, Adult
PCMH-646: Clinical Skills II: Crisis, Trauma, Complex Issues (adult)
PCMH-650A: Internship I
PCMH-650B: Internship I
PCMH-662A: Internship II
PCMH-662B: Internship II
PCMH-663A: Internship III
PCMH-663B: Internship III
PCMH-665: Program Evaluation and Systems Research
PCMH-666: Professional Counseling Orientation & Ethics
PCMH-670: Organizational Leadership & System Change
PCMH-671: Special Topics, Mental Health Counseling for Children and Families
PCMH-673: Mental Health Counseling for Adults
PCMH-674: Special Topics, Mental Health Substance Use Counseling
PCMH-675: Mental Health, Addictions & Family Systems
PCMH-676: Psychopharmacology in Mental Health & Addictions, Across the Lifespan
PCMH-677: Special Topics, Management and Policy
PCMH-680: Diagnosis, Assessment & Psychopathology
PCMH-682: Human Growth & Development
PCMH-683: Group Process
PCMH-685: Social and Cultural Foundations
PCMH-686: Career and Lifestyle Development
PCMH-687: Marriage and Family Therapy
PCMH-688: Clinical Counseling Theories
PCMH-689: Early Childhood and Infant Mental Health
PCMH-690A: Master's Project
PCMH-690B: Master's Project
PCMH-692: Elders: Mental Health and Addictions
PCMH-710: Independent Study
PHE - Public Health Courses
PHE-500: Principles of Public Health
PHE-505: Research Methods in Public Health
PHE-510: Public Health Biology
PHE-525: Social and Behavioral Sciences
PHE-540: Principles of Environmental Health
PHE-610: Health Policy and Management
PHE-615: Public Health Law and Ethics
PHE-625: Global Health
PHE-630: Program Planning and Evaluation in Public Health
PHE-640: Community-Based Participatory Research
PHE-650: Emergency Public Health Preparedness and Management
PHE-690: Public Health Capstone
POL - Political Science Courses
POL-500: Research and Analysis in Political Science
POL-510: The Study and Practice of Political Science
POL-520: American Governmental Institutions
POL-530: Contemporary Political Thought
POL-540: Global Political Systems
POL-550: Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Lobbying
POL-612: State, Local, and Urban Politics
POL-614: The Politics of Marginalization
POL-632: Campaign Management
POL-634: Campaigns, Elections, and Strategic Messaging
POL-790: Capstone in Political Science
PSY - Psychology Courses
PSY-500: Foundations of Psychology
PSY-510: Research Methods in Psychology I
PSY-520: Research Methods in Psychology II
PSY-530: Social Psychology
PSY-540: Cognitive Processes
PSY-545: Forensic Psychology
PSY-550: Measurement and Assessment
PSY-560: Theories of Personality
PSY-570: Ethical Practice in Psychology
PSY-612: Motivation in the Workplace
PSY-614: Psychology of Leadership
PSY-616: Organizational Consulting
PSY-618: Seminar in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
PSY-622: Assessment for Forensic Psychology
PSY-624: Intersection of Law and Psychology
PSY-626: Psychology in the Courtroom
PSY-632: Developmental Psychology
PSY-634: Cognitive Neuropsychology
PSY-636: Intervention Strategies
PSY-638: Child and Developmental Psychology Seminar
PSY-790: Capstone in Psychology
QSO - Quantitative Studies/Ops Mgmt Courses
QSO-500: Business Research
QSO-501: Applied Mathematics for Business
QSO-510: Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
QSO-520: Management Science through Spreadsheets
QSO-521: Decision Science
QSO-530: Applied Statistics for Managers
QSO-531: Business Data Analysis
QSO-600: Operations Management
QSO-601: Operations and Innovation Management
QSO-610: Management of Service Operations
QSO-620: Six Sigma Quality Management
QSO-621: Lean Six Sigma Quality Management
QSO-625: Six Sigma for Black Belt Certification
QSO-630: Supply Chain Management
QSO-631: Global Supply Chain Management
QSO-635: International Supply Chain Management
QSO-640: Project Management
QSO-641: Practical Project Management
QSO-645: Project Management for PMP Certification
QSO-680: Seminar in Project Management
QSO-690: Topics in Operations Management
QSO-691: Integrating Experience in OPM I
QSO-692: Integrating Experience in OPM II
QSO-700: Operations and Project Management Capstone
QSO-710: Internship in Operations/Project Management
QSO-798: Independent Study
RDG - Reading Courses
RDG-503: Emerging and Early Literacy Development K-4
RDG-503C: Emerging and Early Literacy Development K-4
RDG-503NC: Emerging and Early Literacy Development K-4
RDG-504: Content Area Literacy Grades 4-8
RDG-504C: Content Area Literacy Grades 4-8
RDG-504NC: Content Area Literacy Grades 4-8
RDG-531: Literature for Children Pre-K-8
RDG-531C: Literature for Children Pre-K-8
RDG-531NC: Literature for Children Pre-K-8
RDG-532: Young Adult Literature
RDG-535: Content Area Literacy Grades 5-12
RDG-582: Assessing and Instructing Students with Literacy Difficulty
RDG-701: Reading Internship: K-4
RDG-702: Reading Internship: 5-8
RDG-703: Reading Internship: 9-12
SCS - Social Science Courses
SCS-501: Foundations in Statistics
SCS-502: Foundations in Research Methods
SEC - Sustainability & Enviromt Comp Courses
SEC-510: Environmental Issues
SEC-610: Energy and Society
SEC-620: Environment Compliance/Sustainability
SNHU - Southern NH University Courses
SNHU-501: Introduction to Graduate Studies
SPED - Special Education Courses
SPED-501: Students with Exceptionalities
SPED-501C: Students with Exceptionalities
SPED-501NC: Students with Exceptionalities
SPED-520: Assessment of Student Performance
SPED-521: Effective Learning Environments
SPED-525: Critical Issues/Students with Disabilities
SPED-525C: Critical Issues/Students w/Disabilities
SPED-525NC: Critical Issues/Students w/Disabilities
SPED-526: Multisensory Literacy Strategies
SPED-526C: Multisensory Literacy Strategies
SPED-526NC: Multisensory Literacy Strategies
SPED-540: Classroom and Behavior Management
SPED-540C: Classroom and Behavior Management
SPED-540NC: Classroom and Behavior Management
SPED-561: Consultation and Collaboration
SPED-580: Special Education Assessment
SPED-580C: Special Education Assessment
SPED-580NC: Special Education Assessment
SPED-601: Content-Based Literacy
SPED-610: Executive Function and Study Skills
SPED-624: Professional Collaboration
SPED-624C: Professional Collaboration
SPED-624NC: Professional Collaboration
SPED-630: Expressive Language-Skills and Writing
SPED-635: Reading Interventions for Students with LBLD
SPED-640: Language-Based Learning Environments
SPED-650: Social-Emotional Competencies and Students with LBLD
SPED-680: IEP Development
SPED-680C: IEP Development
SPED-680NC: IEP Development
SPED-701: Internship Grades K-6
SPED-702: Internship Grades 7-12
SPT - Sport Management Courses
SPT-501: Research Methods in Sport Management
SPT-510: Sport and Society
SPT-512: Principles in Athletic Administration
SPT-515: Event Planning and Management
SPT-525: Sport Licensing and Strategic Alliances
SPT-525L: Sport Business Incubator Lab
SPT-565: Internationalization of Sport Business
SPT-600: Management of Sport Organizations
SPT-601: Sport Facility Management and Operations
SPT-605: Sport Business Cases
SPT-608: Sport Marketing and Media
SPT-608L: Sport Agency Lab 1
SPT-610: Sport Law
SPT-612: Advanced Topics/Athletic Administration
SPT-615: Special Event Management and Leadership
SPT-620: Finance and Economics of Sport
SPT-622: Sport Business Analytics
SPT-622L: Sport Agency Lab 2
SPT-700: Seminar in Sport Management
SPT-702: Sport Business Development
SPT-710: Internship
SPT-798: Independent Study
TAX - Taxation Courses
TAX-650: Federal Taxation of Individuals
TAX-655: Federal Income Tax of Corporations & Partnerships
TAX-660: Tax Factors in Business Decisions
TAX-665: Estate and Gift Taxation
TAX-670: Tax Research Methodology/Practice & Procedures
TAX-700: Special Topics in Taxation
WCM - Workplace Conflict Management Courses
WCM-510: Negotiation/Advocacy in the Workplace
WCM-610: Introduction to Organizational Conflict Management
WCM-620: Managing Difficult Conversations at Work
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