Courses Offered

Academic Level:


ACC - Accounting Courses
ACC-105: Foundations of Accounting I
ACC-115: Foundations of QuickBooks
ACC-201: Financial Accounting
ACC-202: Managerial Accounting
ACC-205: Foundations of Accounting II
ACC-207: Cost Accounting
ACC-215: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ACC-307: Intermediate Accounting I
ACC-308: Intermediate Accounting II
ACC-309: Intermediate Accounting III
ACC-312: International Managerial Accounting
ACC-315: Accounting Systems Applications
ACC-322: Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting
ACC-330: Federal Taxation I
ACC-331: Federal Taxation II
ACC-335: Tax Factors for Business Decisions
ACC-340: Controllership
ACC-345: Financial Statement Analysis/ Business Valuation
ACC-350: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
ACC-405: Advanced Accounting
ACC-407: Consolidation Accounting
ACC-411: Auditing Principles
ACC-421: Auditing and Forensic Accounting
ACC-423: Detection/Prevention Fraudulent Financial Statements
ACC-425: Interview Techniques/Legal Aspects Fraud
ACC-427: Investigating with Computers
ACC-480: Independent Study
ACC-480A: Independent Study
ACC-490: Accounting Internship
ACC-491: Accounting/Finance Cooperative Education
ADV - Advertising Courses
ADV-263: Advertising Copy and Design
ADV-340: Advertising Media Planning
ADV-428: Promotional Research & Media Management
ADV-429: Advertising Campaigns
ADV-462: Advertising Account Executive Seminar
ADV-480: Independent Study
ATH - Anthropology Courses
ATH-101: The Human Experience: Introduction to Anthropology
ATH-111: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ATH-111H: Honors Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ATH-200: Native History and Culture
ATH-205: Discovering the Past: Foundations in Archaeology
ATH-210: Human Origins and Evolution: Biological Anthropology
ATH-315: Anthropology in the Contemporary World
ATH-320: Who Owns Culture? Ethics in Anthropology
ATH-489: Capstone in Anthropology
BIO - Biology Courses
BIO-101: Principles of Biology
BIO-101L: Principles of Biology Lab
BIO-110: Introduction to Public Health
BIO-120: General Biology I
BIO-120L: General Biology I Lab
BIO-121: General Biology II
BIO-121L: General Biology II Lab
BIO-202: Field Ornithology
BIO-205: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO-205L: Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
BIO-210: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
BIO-210L: Anatomy and Physiology Lab
BIO-211: Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO-211L: Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
BIO-212: Microbiology
BIO-215: People, Places, and Plagues
BIO-305: Animal Rights and Ethical Issu
BIO-312: Zoology
BIO-314: Introductory Botany
BIO-315: Ecological Principles and Field Methods
BIO-320: Neuroscience
BIO-325: Animal Behavior
BIO-330: Conservation Biology
BIO-340: Human Health and the Environment
BIO-3ST1: Animal Rights and Ethical Issues
BUS - Business Courses
BUS-205: Foundations of Business Law
BUS-206: Business Law I
BUS-307: Business Law II
BUS-490: Business Internship
CED - Community Economic Development Courses
CED-301: Introduction to Community Economic Development
CED-335: Social Issues and Economic Policies CED
CED-405: Financial Literacy for Social Services
CHM - Chemistry Courses
CHM-101: Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHM-101L: Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab
CHM-200: Environmental Chemistry
CJ - Criminal Justice Courses
CJ-104: Ethics and the Criminal Justice Leader
CJ-202: Writing for the Criminal Justice Profession
CJ-300: Research Methods for Criminal Justice
CJ-303: Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Serial Killers
CJ-330: Leadership/Management in Criminal Justice Organizations
CJ-331: Effective Patrol and Community Policing
CJ-332: Crisis Intervention for Police
CJ-400: Crime Analysis and Effective Police Service
CJ-401: Emergency and Disaster Management
CJ-430: Terrorist Techniques
CJ-467: Threat Assessment Fundamentals
CJ-468: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
CJ-469: Counterterrorism Techniques
CJ-480: Capstone in Criminal Justice
COM - Communication Courses
COM-126: Introduction to Mass Communication
COM-128: Language and Practice of Media Arts
COM-212: Public Speaking
COM-220: Intercultural Communication
COM-227: Public Relations
COM-230: Graphics and Layout in Print Media
COM-232: Desktop Publishing
COM-235: Introduction to Journalism
COM-237: Journalism Practicum
COM-238: Radio Practicum
COM-244: Digital Video Production: Level I
COM-305: Digital Documentary Photography
COM-310: Social Media
COM-315: Communication in the Digital Age
COM-320: Exploring World Cultures/Mass Media
COM-322: Advanced Public Speaking
COM-325: Editing for Media and Publication
COM-327: Screenwriting for Media Arts
COM-329: New Media Technologies
COM-336: Electronic Public Relations
COM-337: Journalism Practicum II
COM-340: Writing for Public Relations
COM-341: Technical Writing
COM-342: Writing for the Computer Industry
COM-344: Digital Video Production: Level II
COM-345: Animation and Visual Effects
COM-430: Organizational Communications
COM-435: Feature Writing
COM-445: Writing for New Media
COM-448: Media Ethics and Law
COM-452: Public Relations Campaign Planning Seminar
COM-454: Documentary Video Production
COM-455: Commercial Video Production
COM-469: Senior Seminar in Communication
COM-476: Corporate Communications Seminar
COM-480: Independent Study
COM-490: Communication Internship
COM-492: Digital Media Internship
DAD - Database Administration Courses
DAD-215: Introduction to Statistical Analysis System
DAD-220: Introduction to Structured Query Language
DAD-334: Oracle SQL Fundamentals
DAD-350: Oracle Database Administration I
DAD-405: Oracle Database Administration II
DAT - Data Analytics Courses
DAT-210: Foundations of Data Analytics
DAT-220: Fundamentals of Data Mining
DAT-310: Data Analytics I
DAT-320: Data Analytics II
DAT-410: Decision Support Presentation
DAT-490: Capstone in Data Analytics
DEV - Development Courses
DEV-104: Child Development I
DEV-106: Child Development II
DEV-220: Precursors of Academic Skills
DEV-249: Field Experience: Child Care Setting Young Children
DEV-259: Field Experience: Agency Setting Young Children
DEV-260: Family and Culture
DEV-302: Historical and Current Perspectives in Development
DEV-303: Administration of Child Development Programs
DEV-340: Meaning and Development of Play
DEV-424: Assessment, Observation & Intervention
DEV-480: Independent Study
DEV-499: Internship
ECO - Economics Courses
ECO-101: Economics of Social Issues
ECO-1ST2: Topics in Microeconomics
ECO-201: Microeconomics
ECO-202: Macroeconomics
ECO-205: Foundations of Macroeconomics
ECO-301: Managerial Economics
ECO-306: Money and Banking
ECO-322: International Economics
ECO-327: Economic Development
ECO-330: Public Finance
ECO-335: Urban and Regional Economics
ECO-345: History of Economic Thought
ECO-360: The Rise of Modern Asia
ECO-375: Economics of Professional Sports In the U.S.
ECO-402: Intermediate Macroeconometrics
ECO-480: Independent Study
ECO-490: Economics Finance Internship
EDU - Education Courses
EDU-200: Introduction to Education
EDU-208: Assessment, Accountability and Teaching in the Classroom
EDU-208A: Assessment, Accountability and Teaching in the Classroom
EDU-208B: Assessment, Accountability and Teaching in the Classroom
EDU-220: Teaching Middle Grade Education
EDU-232: Young Adult Literature
EDU-235: Learning with Technology
EDU-245: Literature for Children and Young Adolescents
EDU-250: Examining Science Content
EDU-261: Emerging and Early Literacy: Grades K-4
EDU-261A: Emerging and Early Literacy: Grades K-4
EDU-261B: Emerging and Early Literacy: Grades K-4
EDU-266: Exploring Social Studies Content
EDU-270: Foundations of Teaching and Learning
EDU-270A: Foundations of Teaching and Learning
EDU-270B: Foundations of Teaching and Learning
EDU-271: Methods of Teaching Secondary Education
EDU-271A: Methods of Teaching Secondary Education
EDU-271B: Methods of Teaching Secondary Education
EDU-312: Writing Workshop for Educators
EDU-312A: Writing Workshop for Educators
EDU-312B: Writing Workshop for Educators
EDU-320: Methods of Teaching English I
EDU-320A: Methods of Teaching English I
EDU-320B: Methods of Teaching English I
EDU-324: The Inclusive Classroom
EDU-326: Methods of Teaching Social Studies
EDU-326A: Methods of Teaching Social Studies
EDU-326B: Methods of Teaching Social Studies
EDU-330: Mathematics Instruction/Young Children
EDU-330A: Mathematics Instruction/Young Children
EDU-330B: Mathematics Instruction/Young Children
EDU-335: Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics
EDU-335A: Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics
EDU-335B: Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics
EDU-359: Writing/Literature/Elementary
EDU-359A: Writing/Literature/Elementary
EDU-359B: Writing/Literature/Elementary
EDU-362: Literacy in the Content Areas: 4-8
EDU-362A: Literacy in the Content Areas: 4-8
EDU-362B: Literacy in the Content Areas: 4-8
EDU-363: Literacy Facilitation for all Learners
EDU-363A: Literacy Facilitation for all Learners
EDU-363B: Literacy Facilitation for all Learners
EDU-370: Science for Early Learners
EDU-370A: Science for Early Learners
EDU-370B: Science for Early Learners
EDU-375: Middle School Science Methods
EDU-376: Mathematics Teaching Methods
EDU-399: Inquiry Scholars of SNHU
EDU-419: Integrating Social Studies and the Arts in the Elementary School
EDU-419A: Integrating Social Studies and the Arts In the Elementary School
EDU-419B: Integrating Social Studies and the Arts in the Elementary School
EDU-440: Differentiating Instruction
EDU-440A: Differentiating Instruction
EDU-440B: Differentiating Instruction
EDU-440H: Honors Differentiating Instruction
EDU-441: Math Education Research and Practice
EDU-480: Independent Study
EDU-489: Field Experience
EDU-490: Student Teaching and Seminar
EDU-490A: Student Teaching
EDU-490B: Student Teaching
EDU-491: Advanced Field Experience
EDU-499: Internship
ENG - English Courses
ENG-070: Research and Academic Skills
ENG-071: Process Writing
ENG-072: Grammar Workshop
ENG-099: Fundamentals of Writing
ENG-099I: Fundamentals of Writing for International Students
ENG-120: College Composition I
ENG-120H: Honors College Composition I
ENG-121: College Composition II
ENG-121H: Honors College Composition II
ENG-122: English Composition I
ENG-123: English Composition II
ENG-200: Sophomore Seminar
ENG-200H: Honors Sophomore Seminar
ENG-220: Business Communication
ENG-226: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG-229: Writing for the Stage
ENG-230: Writing for Film
ENG-323: Introduction to Screenwriting Workshop
ENG-327: Playwriting Workshop
ENG-328: Poetry Writing Workshop
ENG-329: Fiction Writing Workshop
ENG-330: Nonfiction Writing Workshop
ENG-340: Context of Writing: Writers/Publishing
ENG-341: Intermediate Nonfiction Writing Workshop
ENG-347: Intermediate Screenwriting Workshop
ENG-348: Intermediate Poetry Writing Workshop
ENG-349: Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop
ENG-350: The English Language
ENG-351: Advanced Nonfiction Writing Workshop
ENG-357: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop
ENG-358: Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop
ENG-359: Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop
ENG-421: New Media: Writing and Publishing
ENG-431: Advanced Creative Writing
ENG-480: Independent Study
ENG-485: Senior Thesis in Creative Writing
ENG-490: English Internship
ENV - Environmental Studies Courses
ENV-100: Introduction to Sustainability
ENV-101: Environmental Science
ENV-219: Environmental Issues
ENV-250: Environmental Science Research Methods
ENV-305: Global Climate Change
ENV-319: US Environmental Law and Politics
ENV-322: Environment and Development
ENV-344: Environmental Science Colloquium I
ENV-361: Environmental Impact and Site Assessment
ENV-372: Sustainability Strategies for Business
ENV-373: LEED Green Associate Credential
ENV-374: OSHA General Industry Outreach Training
ENV-375: Hazardous Waste Coordinator Certificate
ENV-404: Environmental Sustainability Field Experience I
ENV-405: Environmental Sustainability Field Experience II
ENV-410A: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Environmental Policy Field Experience
ENV-410B: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Environmental Studies Seminar
ENV-444: Environmental Science Colloquium II
ENV-445: Sustainability Capstone Experience
ENV-480: Independent Study
ENV-490: Environmental Studies Internship
FAS - Fine Arts Courses
FAS-110: Introductory Drawing
FAS-201: Introduction to Humanities I
FAS-201H: Honors Introduction to Humanities I
FAS-202: Introduction to Humanities II
FAS-202H: Honors Introduction to Humanities II
FAS-210: Introduction to Acting
FAS-225: Introduction to Photography
FAS-226: Digital Photography
FAS-260: History of Architecture
FAS-270: Introduction to Film History
FAS-301: Film and American Culture
FAS-302: Gender and Film
FAS-305: Digital Documentary Photography
FAS-310: Illustration
FAS-320: History of Design
FAS-326: History of Photography
FAS-335: Romanticism to Impressionism
FAS-342: Modernism
FAS-345: Contemporary Art
FAS-353: Improvisation and Performance
FAS-365: Arts Management
FAS-370: American Art
FAS-380: Women, Art and Society
FAS-480: Independent Study
FIN - Finance Courses
FIN-250: Personal Financial Planning
FIN-260: Risk Management and Insurance
FIN-305: Foundations of Finance
FIN-320: Principles of Finance
FIN-325: Financial Statements and Reporting Analysis
FIN-330: Corporate Finance
FIN-335: Financial Markets
FIN-336: Multinational Corporate Finance
FIN-340: Fundamentals of Investments
FIN-341: Financial Regulations and Ethics
FIN-345: Student Managed Investment Fund
FIN-426: Contemporary Issues in Finance
FIN-440: Investment Analysis
FIN-450: Wealth Management
FIN-470: Finance Capstone
FIN-480: Independent Study
FIN-490: Finance Economics Internship
FMK - Fashion Merchandising Courses
FMK-290: Fashion Merchandising Internship
FMM - Fashion Merchandising Mgt Courses
FMM-101: Basic Design and Color Theory
FMM-111: Foundational Integration Experience
FMM-114: Introduction to Fashion Merchandising
FMM-204: Textiles and Color Theory
FMM-208: History of Fashion and Costume
FMM-209: Sourcing, Supply Systems and Distributions
FMM-225: Merchandise Planning
FMM-325: Sustainability in Fashion
FMM-333: Exploration Integration Experience
FMM-340: Merchandise Management Strategies
FMM-410: Fashion Research and Forecasting
FMM-417: Global Sourcing and Apparel
FMM-457: Strategic Fashion Management
FYE - First Year Experience Courses
FYE-101: First Year Experience
GAM - Game Design and Development Courses
GAM-110: Introduction to Programming for Games
GAM-205: Introduction to Games
GAM-207: Information Technology and Digital Games
GAM-210: History of Digital Games
GAM-211: Interactive Animation
GAM-215: World-Building for Games
GAM-303: Design of Virtual Game Environments
GAM-305: Digital Game Development
GAM-310: Player-Centered Game Design
GAM-312: Scripting in C# for Games
GAM-315: Interactive Storytelling
GAM-320: Writing Characters for Games
GAM-330: Physics for Games
GAM-405: Artificial Intelligence for Games
GAM-410: Game Story Studio
GAM-415: Graphics Game Engine
GAM-425: Game Programming Capstone
GAM-450: Artificial Intelligence
GAM-465: Digital Multimedia Development
GAM-480: Independent Study
GAM-490: Game Design Internship
GAM-495: Game Programming Capstone
GEO - Geography Courses
GEO-200: World Geography
GEO-202: Regional Geography: Appalachia
GEO-330: Geohazards
GEO-345: Remote Sensing and Imagery Analysis
GEO-450: Spatial Analysis
GRA - Graphics Courses
GRA-100: Introduction to Graphic Design Technology
GRA-101: Basic Design and Color Theory
GRA-201: Intro to Digital Sculpting
GRA-202: 3-D Modeling and Animation
GRA-210: Fundamentals of Game Design
GRA-211: Interactive Animation
GRA-212: 3-D Character Animation
GRA-220: Introduction to Digital Imaging
GRA-310: Digital Graphic Design for the Web
GRA-311: Environment Design
GRA-315: Game Design and Production
GRA-317: Studio Environment
GRA-332: Digital Publishing
GRA-340: Typography
GRA-401: Character Design
GRA-402: Creature Design
GRA-405: Personal Branding
GRA-410: Advanced Digital Graphic Design for Web
GRA-420: Advanced Digital Imaging
GRA-431: Interactive Animation for the Web
GRA-440: 3-D Art and Design
GRA-451: Advanced Multiplatform Design
GRA-470: User Interface and Experience
GRA-480: Independent Study
GRA-490: Graphic Design Internship
GRA-491: Graphic Design Portfolio
GRA-4ST1: Advanced Desktop Publishing
HCM - Healthcare Management Courses
HCM-205: Medical Terminology
HCM-320: Healthcare Economics
HCM-325: Healthcare Marketing
HCM-340: Healthcare Delivery Systems
HCM-345: Healthcare Reimbursement
HCM-400: Healthcare Finance
HCM-415: Healthcare Strategic Management and Policy
HCM-440: Healthcare Research and Evaluation Methodologies
HCM-490: Healthcare Administration Capstone
HCM-491: Health Sciences Capstone
HIM - Health Information Management Courses
HIM-200: Introduction to Health Information Technology
HIM-215: Coding & Classification Systems
HIM-220: Healthcare Data Management
HIM-350: Communication and Technologies
HIM-360: Coding and Classifications Systems II
HIM-422: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Health Information Management
HIM-425: Healthcare It Infrastructure and Network Management
HIM-445: Professional Practical Experience
HIM-480: Health Information Management Capstone
HIS - History Courses
HIS-100: Perspectives in History
HIS-109: Western Civilization to 1500
HIS-110: Western Civilization since 1500
HIS-113: United States History I: 1607-1865
HIS-114: United States History II: 1865-Present
HIS-117: World Civilizations, Prehistory to 1500
HIS-118: World Civilizations, 1500 to Present
HIS-200: Applied History and Civics
HIS-220: Modern European History: 1890-Present
HIS-222: War and Society, Antiquity to 1800
HIS-223: Modern War & Society
HIS-235: Modern Russia
HIS-238: Modern Germany, 1871-Present
HIS-240: World War I
HIS-241: World War II
HIS-242: The Cold War
HIS-245: United States History since 1945
HIS-249: The Common Good
HIS-260: Modern China
HIS-264: Modern Japan
HIS-270: American Environmental History
HIS-2ST2: The Civil Rights Movement
HIS-301: World History and Culture
HIS-309: Dictators in the Modern Era
HIS-311: Women, Sexuality, and Islam
HIS-314: European Conquest of New World
HIS-319: African-American History since the Civil War
HIS-321: The Ancient World of Greece and Rome
HIS-330: Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS-332: Colonial New England
HIS-338: Young America
HIS-340: Making History
HIS-357: American Slavery
HIS-371: History of the Middle East I
HIS-372: History of the Middle East II
HIS-373: Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIS-374: The Renaissance and the Reformation
HIS-460: History Research Seminar
HIS-480: Independent Study
HIS-490: History Internship
HON - Honors Courses
HON-201: Interdisciplinary Studies I
HON-202: Interdisciplinary Studies II
HON-301: Issues/Values: Honors Seminar
HON-314: Seminar in Research Methods
HON-401: Independent Honors Thesis
HOS - Hospitality Administration Courses
HOS-101: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
HOS-202: Hospitality Managerial Accounting
HOS-205: Foundations of Hospitality Managerial Accounting
HOS-220: Geography of Global Cultures
HOS-225: Introduction to Commercial Food Production
HOS-311: Policy and Planning for Sustainable Development
HOS-315: Rooms Division Management
HOS-320: Hospitality Sales Management
HOS-321: Hospitality Sales Management-Di3
HOS-322: Beverage Management and Control
HOS-327: Food and Beverage Operations Management
HOS-340: Special Events Management
HOS-341: Meeting Planning
HOS-401: Convention Sales and Group Planning
HOS-415: Hotel Administration
HOS-416: Legal Issues in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
HOS-417: Hospitality Law
HOS-418: Hospitality Facilities Management
HOS-420: Financial Analysis for the Hospitality Industry
HOS-424: Managing, Merchandising, and Service of Wines
HOS-425: Food and Beverage Pairing
HOS-427: Food and Beverage Concept Development
HOS-428: Resort Development and Management
HOS-430: Casino and Gaming Operations
HOS-480: Independent Study
HOS-490: Supervised Practical Experience
HOS-491: Hospitality Business Co-Op Education
HOS-492: Experiential Learning
HSE - Human Services Courses
HSE-101: Introduction to Human Services
HSE-210: Healthcare Systems
HSE-215: Child Growth and Cognitive Development
HSE-220: Communication Skills for Human Service Professionals
HSE-230: Research Methods in Human Services
HSE-310: Family and Community Systems
HSE-315: Role and Impact of Trauma on Children and Families
HSE-320: Human Services Organizational Systems
HSE-325: Ethics and Laws in Child Welfare
HSE-330: Public Policy and Advocacy
HSE-335: Prevention and Crisis Intervention
HSE-340: Law and Ethics in Human Services
HSE-410: Case Management
HSE-480: Human Services Capstone
HUM - Humanities Courses
HUM-100: Perspectives in the Humanities
HUM-200: Applied Humanities
HUM-201: Intro to Humanities I
HUM-3ST1: Food and Culture
IDS - Interdisciplinary Studies Courses
IDS-400: Diversity
IDS-401: Global Society
IDS-402: Wellness
IDS-403: Preparing for the Future
IHP - Integrated Health Profession Courses
IHP-210: Health Promotion
IHP-220: Applied Nutrition
IHP-310: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Concepts
IHP-315: Patient Safety Systems and Strategies
IHP-323: Health Aspects of Human Sexuality
IHP-325: Dimensions of Mental Health
IHP-330: Principles of Epidemiology
IHP-340: Statistics for Healthcare Professionals
IHP-355: Healthcare Regulatory Compliance and Accreditation
IHP-410: Population Health and Cultural Competence
IHP-415: Independent Study
IHP-420: Ethical and Legal Considerations of Healthcare
IHP-430: Healthcare Quality Management
IHP-435: Perfrmnce Imprvmnt Msrmnt/Mthd
IHP-450: Healthcare Management and Finance
IND - Individually Designed Courses
IND-201: Self-Designed Degree Program Planning
INT - International Business Courses
INT-105: International Business: A Macro Perspect
INT-113: Introduction to International Business
INT-203: Information Technology & Globalization
INT-205: International Business: Micro Perspective
INT-221: Global Financial System
INT-280: International Business Foundational Experience
INT-309: Legal Environment of International Business
INT-311: International Human Resources Management
INT-315: International Management
INT-316: Cultural & Political Environment of International Business
INT-322: International Retailing
INT-335: Importing & Exporting in International Trade
INT-336: Multinational Corporate Finance
INT-340: Business Environment of the Middle East
INT-380: Global Practicum-I
INT-400: International Business Project
INT-410: International Entrepreneurship
INT-422: International Strategic Management
INT-433: Multinational Marketing
INT-440: Emerging Trends in International Business
INT-441: Licensing and Negotiations in the International Arena
INT-480: Independent Study
INT-481: Global Practicum-II
INT-490: International Business Internship
IST - Integrated Studies Courses
IST-392: Integrated Studies Research Methods
IST-410: Leadership & Project Management
IST-420: Community Action II
IST-425: Integrated Studies Senior Seminar I
IT - Information Technology Courses
IT-100: Introduction to Information Technology
IT-105: Business Information Technology
IT-135: Interactive Scripting in Virtual Environment
IT-145: Foundation in Application Development
IT-200: Fundamentals of Information Technology
IT-201: Computer Platform Technologies
IT-203: Information Technology & Globalization
IT-204: Introduction to Data and Information Management
IT-205: Digital Music
IT-207: Information Technology and Digital Games
IT-209: Introduction to Robotics
IT-210: Business Systems Analysis and Design
IT-211: Interactive Animation
IT-213: Humanoid Robots
IT-225: Software Development with Visual Basic.NET
IT-230: Software Development with C#.NET
IT-241: Human Factors in Cybersecurity
IT-242: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
IT-251: Introduction to Unix/Linux Operating System
IT-252: Information Technology Teams and Group Dynamics
IT-261: IT Service Management
IT-270: Web Site Design
IT-291: IT Foundation Experience
IT-303: Design of Virtual Game Environments
IT-305: Digital Game Development
IT-312: Software Development w/C++.NET
IT-315: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
IT-320: Network Security
IT-328: Project Management in Information Technology
IT-330: Database Design and Management
IT-331: Human Factors in Information Technology
IT-332: Infrastructure Management
IT-335: Security Principles
IT-338: Geospatial Programming
IT-340: Network and Telecommunication Management
IT-345: Network Planning and Maintenance
IT-349: Database Administration
IT-355: Web and Mobile User Experience
IT-370: Web Server Design
IT-375: Digital Graphics Design
IT-380: Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
IT-385: Information Technology Communications
IT-390: Mobile Application Design and Development
IT-391: IT Integration Experience
IT-412: Cyberlaw and Ethics
IT-415: Advanced Information Systems Design
IT-420: Advanced Information Systems Implementation
IT-430: 3-D Modeling and Animation
IT-431: Software Development in Distributed Systems
IT-450: Artificial Intelligence
IT-460: Machine Learning
IT-465: Digital Multimedia Development
IT-467: Digital Commerce and eBusiness
IT-475: Current Trends in Information Technology
IT-480: Independent Study
IT-485: Information Technology Strategy and Management
IT-489: Information Technology Portfolio Planning
IT-490: Information Technology Internship
IT-491: IT Application Experience
JUS - Justice Studies Courses
JUS-101: Introduction to Criminal Justice
JUS-102: American Policing
JUS-103: Correctional Systems
JUS-104: Introduction to Security
JUS-111: Introduction to Criminalistics
JUS-201: Criminal Investigation
JUS-202: Industrial and Retail Security
JUS-211: Organized Crime
JUS-215: The Victim and the Justice System
JUS-224: Legal and Justice Research Methods
JUS-261: Judicial Administration
JUS-305: International Criminal Justice
JUS-309: White Collar Crime
JUS-325: Law, Justice and Family
JUS-331: Juvenile Justice System
JUS-345: Probation and Parole
JUS-375: Criminal Law
JUS-376: Criminal Procedure
JUS-394: Problems in Policing
JUS-395: The Death Penalty
JUS-400: Foreign Study in Criminal Justice
JUS-429: Terrorism
JUS-455: Legal Traditions
JUS-465: Police Organization and Management
JUS-466: Homeland Security
JUS-468: Crimes Against Children
JUS-480: Independent Study in Law and Justice
JUS-485: Forensic Law
JUS-496: Administrative Law
JUS-497: Law and Evidence
JUS-498: Criminal Justice Internship
JUS-498A: Criminal Justice Internship
JUS-498B: Criminal Justice Internship
LAR - Arabic Courses
LAR-111: Elementary Arabic and Culture I
LAR-112: Elementary Arabic and Culture II
LAR-211: Intermediate Arabic Language and Culture
LAS - American Sign Language Courses
LAS-111: Elementary American Sign Language I
LAS-112: Elementary American Sign Language II
LAS-211: Intermediate American Sign Language I
LAS-212: Intermediate American Sign Language II
LAW - Law Courses Courses
LAW-ELE: Law Elective
LAW-ELEA: Law Elective
LAW-ELEB: Law Elective
LAW-ELEC: Law Elective
LFR - French Courses
LFR-111: Beginning French I
LFR-112: Beginning French II
LFR-211: Intermediate French I
LFR-212: Intermediate French II
LFR-311: French Civilization and Culture
LIT - Literature Courses
LIT-100: Introduction to Literature
LIT-201: World Literature I: Foundations of Culture
LIT-202: World Literature Ii: Renaissance to Modern
LIT-219: British Literature I
LIT-220: British Literature II
LIT-221: American Literature I
LIT-222: American Literature II
LIT-229: World Mythology
LIT-231: Nature Writers
LIT-233: Banned Books
LIT-300: Literary Theory
LIT-306: Medieval Literature
LIT-307: Renaissance and Restoration Literature
LIT-309: Romance, Revolutions, and the Birth of The Novel
LIT-310: Victorian Literature
LIT-311: Modern British Literature
LIT-312: Early American Literature
LIT-313: The American Renaissance
LIT-314: American Realism and Naturalism
LIT-315: 20th Century American Literature
LIT-317: European Literature
LIT-318: World Literature
LIT-319: Shakespeare
LIT-320: Hemingway's Paris Years
LIT-322: Popular and Contemporary Fiction
LIT-323: Studies in Drama
LIT-325: Studies in the Novel
LIT-327: Studies in Poetry
LIT-328: Multi-Ethnic Literature: Describing the Hyphen
LIT-330: Gender and Text
LIT-335: Major Author Studies
LIT-335L1: Major Authors - American
LIT-335L2: Major Authors - British
LIT-335L3: Major Authors - Global
LIT-345: Postcolonial Encounters
LIT-350: The Black Literary Tradition
LIT-450: Seminar in American Literature
LIT-451: Seminar in British Literature
LIT-452: Seminar in Global Literature
LIT-480: Independent Study
LIT-485: Senior Thesis in Literature
LIT-485A: Senior Thesis in Literature
LIT-485B: Senior Thesis in Literature
LMN - Mandarin Language/Culture Courses
LMN-111: Elementary Mandarin Language/Culture I
LMN-112: Elementary Mandarin Language/Culture II
LMN-211: Intermediate Mandarin Language and Culture
LSP - Spanish Courses
LSP-111: Beginning Spanish I
LSP-111H: Honors Beginning Spanish I
LSP-112: Beginning Spanish II
LSP-211: Intermediate Spanish I
LSP-212: Intermediate Spanish II
LSP-311: Hispanic Cultures
LSS - Learning Strategies Seminar Courses
LSS-100: Learning Strategies Seminar
MAT - Mathematics Courses
MAT-050: Fundamentals of Algebra
MAT-101: Culinary Mathematics
MAT-106: Math for Elementary Education I
MAT-125: Quantitative Reasoning & Problem Solving
MAT-130: Applied Finite Mathematics
MAT-135: The Heart of Mathematics
MAT-140: Precalculus
MAT-1ST1: Statistics and Probability I
MAT-206: Math for Elementary Education II
MAT-210: Applied Calculus I
MAT-211: Applied Calculus II
MAT-225: Calculus I: Single-Variable Calculus
MAT-230: Discrete Mathematics
MAT-240: Applied Statistics
MAT-260: Cryptology
MAT-275: Calculus II: Integration & Series
MAT-299: Mathematical Proof and Problem Solving
MAT-2ST1: Statistics and Probabllity II
MAT-300: Applied Statistics II: Regression Analysis
MAT-310: Number Theory
MAT-325: Calculus III: Multivariable Calculus
MAT-330: Differential Equations
MAT-350: Applied Linear Algebra
MAT-360: Statistics and Probability for Teachers
MAT-361: Geometry for Teachers
MAT-362: Algebra for Teachers
MAT-375: Mathematical Modeling
MAT-380: Error-correcting Codes
MAT-410: Operations Research
MAT-415: Abstract Algebra
MAT-420: Dynamical Modeling
MAT-430: Seminar in Applied Mathematics
MAT-450: History of Math and Math Education
MAT-460: Topology
MAT-470: Real Analysis
MAT-480: Independent Study
MAT-490: Mathematics Internship
MAT-495: Mathematics Education
MGT - Management Courses
MGT-320: Business Sustainability
MGT-480: Sustainability Business Strategy Capstone
MKT - Marketing Courses
MKT-105: Foundations of Marketing
MKT-113: Introduction to Marketing
MKT-212: Marketing Foundations Experience
MKT-222: Principles of Retailing
MKT-228: Technology in Fashion and Retailing
MKT-229: Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT-230: Retail Sales Promotion
MKT-231: Visual Merchandising
MKT-265: Social Media & Marketing Communications
MKT-266: Services Marketing
MKT-270: Professional Selling
MKT-300: Advanced Professional Selling
MKT-312: Consumer Research Experience
MKT-320: Sales Force Management
MKT-322: International Retailing
MKT-326: Global Consumer Culture
MKT-331: Business to Business Marketing
MKT-337: Marketing Research
MKT-345: Consumer Behavior
MKT-350: Ethical Issues in Marketing
MKT-355: Social Media Marketing Strategy
MKT-360: Direct Marketing
MKT-378: Brand Communications
MKT-432: Strategic Marketing Planning
MKT-433: Multinational Marketing
MKT-442: Retail Management
MKT-455: Social Media Marketing Campaigns
MKT-469: Emerging Trends in Retailing
MKT-480: Independent Study
MKT-490: Marketing Internship
MKT-491: Retailing Internship
MKT-499: Marketing Simulation
MUE - Music Education Courses
MUE-251: Brass Techniques
MUE-252: Woodwind Techniques
MUE-253: String Techniques
MUE-254: Percussion Techniques
MUE-255: Vocal Techniques
MUE-256: Piano/Guitar Techniques
MUE-261: Introduction to Music Education
MUE-262: Elementary General Music Methods
MUE-263: Middle School General Music Methods
MUE-264: Advanced Vocal Music Methods
MUE-265: Advanced Instrumental Music Methods
MUE-266: High School General Music Methods
MUE-351: Beginning Conducting
MUE-352: Advanced Conducting and Leadership
MUS - Music Courses
MUS-130: Chorus
MUS-140: Instrumental Music Ensemble
MUS-211: Music Theory and Aural Skills I
MUS-212: Music Theory and Aural Skills II
MUS-223: Appreciation and History of Music
MUS-250: Private Music Lessons
MUS-311: Music Theory and Aural Skills III
MUS-312: Music Theory and Aural Skills IV
MUS-351: Music History: Antiquity to 1750
MUS-352: Music History: 1750 to the Present
MUS-451: Seminar: Music History and Theory
NUR - Nursing Courses
NUR-300: Scholarly Inquiry
NUR-305: Information Management and Patient Care Technologies
NUR-310: Nursing Leadership and Management
NUR-315: Pathophysiology for Nurses
NUR-320: Patient-Centered Assessments
NUR-325: Patient Assessment and Health Literacy
NUR-330: Research and Evidence-Based Practice
NUR-330AP: Research and Evidence-Based Practice AP
NUR-350: Community and Population Health
NUR-350AP: Community and Population Health AP
NUR-400: Systems Leadership for Continuous Quality
NUR-410: Community and Global Health
NUR-410AP: Community and Global Health AP Community and Global Health AP
NUR-440: Research & Evidence-Based Practice
NUR-440AP: Research & Evidence-Based Practice AP
NUR-480: Policy, Law, Ethics, and Regulation
NUR-490: Transformational Capstone
OL - Organizational Leadership Courses
OL-101: Blackboard Shell for OL Course
OL-101H: Blackboard Shell for OL Course
OL-105: Foundations of Management
OL-110: Introduction to Business
OL-125: Human Relations in Administration
OL-200H: Honors Business Foundations
OL-211: Human Resource Management
OL-215: Principles of Management
OL-265: Introduction to Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations
OL-301: Real Estate
OL-317: Small Business Management
OL-318: Employee and Labor Relations
OL-320: Entrepreneurship
OL-321: Business Plan Preparation
OL-322: Managing Organizational Change
OL-324: Managing Quality
OL-325: Total Rewards
OL-326: Social Environment of Business
OL-328: Leadership
OL-330: Grant Writing
OL-342: Organizational Behavior
OL-3ST2: Small Business Advising
OL-421: Strategic Management and Policy
OL-430H: Honors Applied Management: New Paradigm Design
OL-442: Human Resource Strategy and Development
OL-445: Nonprofit Management Seminar
OL-460: Seminar in Organizational Issues
OL-462: Year 1 Assembly and Knowledge Assurance
OL-463: Year 2 Assembly and Knowledge Assurance
OL-465: Fieldwork Experience & Final Project
OL-465H: Honors Fieldwork Experience & Final Project
OL-468: Team Based Project
OL-472: Applied New Venture Creation
OL-480: Independent Study
OL-481H: Honors Integrating Experience Year One
OL-482H: Honors Integrating Experience Year Two
OL-490: Business Administration Internship
OL-492: Business Studies Internship
PAD - Public Administration Courses
PAD-330: Public Administration
PAD-331: Public Administrative Ethics and Theory
PAD-332: Municipal Government Operations
PAD-340: Public Fiscal Management
PAD-341: Disaster Recovery and Response
PHE - Public Health Courses
PHE-101: Fundamentals of Public Health
PHE-321: Biological Concepts for Public Health
PHE-327: Research and Assessment in Public Health
PHE-330: Public Health Education and Communication
PHE-340: Social and Behavioral Health
PHE-423: Evaluation Methods in Public Health
PHE-425: Programming Planning in Public Health
PHE-489: Public Health Capstone Communication
PHL - Philosophy Courses
PHL-111: Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHL-210: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL-212: Introduction to Ethics
PHL-214: Formal Logic
PHL-220: Death and the Meaning of Life
PHL-222: Happiness and the Good Life
PHL-230: Religions of the World
PHL-246: Understanding Non-Western Philosophy
PHL-316: Business Ethics
PHL-363: Environmental Ethics
PHL-3ST1: Death and the Meaning of Life
PHL-3ST2: Happiness and the Good Life
PHL-480: Independent Study
PHY - Physics / Atomic Physics Courses
PHY-101: Principles of Physics
PHY-101L: Principles of Physics Lab
PHY-103: Earth System Science
PHY-105: Geology
PHY-205: Principles of Geology
PHY-205L: Principles of Geology Lab
POL - Political Science Courses
POL-210: American Politics
POL-211: International Relations
POL-305: State and Local Government
POL-306: The American Legal Tradition
POL-309: American State and Local Government
POL-313: Political Theory and Applications
POL-314: Political Theory
POL-316: Legal Reasoning and the Constitution
POL-317: Campaigns and Elections
POL-319: US Environmental Law and Politics
POL-324: Congress and the Legislative Process
POL-326: World Legal Traditions
POL-327: US Government and Contemporary Issues
POL-328: The Legal System in America
POL-329: Int'l Environmental Law and Negotiation
POL-336: Advocacy and the Law
POL-349: Comparative Environmental Law and Sustainable Development
POL-360: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL-362: The American Presidency
POL-364: Globalization and World Politics
POL-370: Analysis and Research in Political Science
POL-371: Political Parties and Interest Groups
POL-372: Campaign Finance and Fundraising
POL-374: Campaign Organizing and Mobilization
POL-410A: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Politics Field Experience
POL-410B: Seminar in Washington, D.C.: Politics Seminar
POL-413A: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Pre-Law Field Experience
POL-413B: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Pre-Law Seminar
POL-480: Independent Study
POL-490: Political Science Internship
POL-491: Political Science Capstone Experience
PSY - Psychology Courses
PSY-108: Introduction to Psychology
PSY-108H: Honors Introduction to Psychology
PSY-200: Foundations of Addictions
PSY-201: Educational Psychology
PSY-205: Forensic Psychology
PSY-211: Lifespan Development
PSY-215: Abnormal Psychology
PSY-216: Psychology of Personality
PSY-223: Research I: Statistics for Psychology
PSY-224: Research II: Scientific Investigations
PSY-225: Health Psychology
PSY-226: Sport Psychology
PSY-230: Psychology of Individual Differences and Special Needs
PSY-257: Social Psychology
PSY-258: Industrial Organizational Psychology
PSY-291: Experiential Learning
PSY-2ST2: Animal Assisted Therapy
PSY-2ST3: Understanding Life's Losses: Relationships, Dreams, Aging, and Death
PSY-300: Biopsychology
PSY-305: Cognitive Psychology
PSY-307: Sensation and Perception
PSY-310: Criminal Psychology
PSY-314: Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
PSY-315: Counseling Process and Techniques
PSY-317: Reading and Research in Psychology
PSY-319: Social Development: Child and Adolescent
PSY-321: Issues in Childhood Development
PSY-322: Issues in Adolescent Development
PSY-323: Psychology of Gender
PSY-324: Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY-325: Advanced Research Methods
PSY-326: Social Cognition and Perception
PSY-327: Social Influence
PSY-331: Human Sexuality
PSY-335: Assessment and Testing
PSY-405: Contemporary Issues in Social Psychology
PSY-406: Contemporary Issues in Addictions
PSY-407: Contemporary Issues in Applied Psychology
PSY-442: Community Psychology
PSY-443: Psychology Internship
PSY-444: Senior Seminar in Psychology
PSY-480: Independent Study
QSO - Quantitative Studies/Ops Mgmt Courses
QSO-291: 1st Year Experience in Operations Project Management
QSO-300: Operations Management
QSO-305: Business Operations Management
QSO-310: Management of Service Operations
QSO-320: Management Science through Spreadsheets
QSO-322: Logistics Management
QSO-325: Continuous Improvement Tools and Techniques
QSO-328: Sustainable Operations
QSO-330: Supply Chain Management
QSO-340: Project Management
QSO-345: Project Management/CAPM Certification
QSO-349: Project Contracting and Procurement
QSO-355: Resource Estimating and Scheduling
QSO-360: Six Sigma Quality Management
QSO-391: 2nd Year Experience in Operations Project Management
QSO-415: Trends in Operations Management
QSO-420: Integrated Cost and Schedule Control
QSO-425: Reverse Logistics
QSO-435: Adaptive Project Management
QSO-440: Topics in Project Management
QSO-450: Transportation Management
QSO-455: Integrated Supply Chain Management
QSO-480: Independent Study
QSO-489: Capstone in Operations Management
QSO-490: Operations/Project Management Internship
QSO-491: 3rd Year Fall Experience in Operations Project Management
QSO-492: 3rd Year Spring Experience in Operations Project Management
SB - School Business Courses
SB-100: Integration & Application of Business I
SB-105: Integration & Application of Business II
SB-200: Di3: Broad Integrative Knowledge Part I
SB-205: Integration & Application Business III
SB-210: Di3: Broad Integrative Knowledge II
SB-300: Di3: Civic Engagement/Citizenship I
SB-310: Di3: Civic Engagement/Citizenship II
SB-400: Di3: Problem Solving, Interpersonal & Team
SB-405: Integration and Application IV
SB-410: Di3: Problem Solving Interpersonal and Team II
SCI - Science Courses
SCI-100: Perspectives in the Natural Sciences
SCI-1ST2: Martial Arts and Human Health
SCI-200: Applied Natural Sciences
SCI-207: Atmospheric Science
SCI-212: Principles of Physical Science I
SCI-213: Principles of Physical Science II
SCI-215: Contemporary Health
SCI-218: Natural Resources
SCI-219: Environmental Issues
SCI-219H: Honors Environmental Issues
SCI-220: Energy and Society
SCI-225: Spatial Awareness
SCI-251: Natural Sciences I
SCI-252: Natural Sciences II
SCI-310: Geostatistics and Data Analysis
SCI-320: Geosciences Methodologies
SCI-333: Waste: Sources, Reduction, & Remediation
SCI-350: Leadership and Ethics in the Geosciences
SCI-373: Regional Sustainability Field Study
SCI-425: Geoscientific Research
SCI-480: Independent Study
SCI-489: Geosciences Capstone
SCS - Social Science Courses
SCS-100: Perspectives in the Social Sciences
SCS-200: Applied Social Sciences
SCS-224: Social Science Research Methods
SCS-300: The Human Condition: Environment/You
SCS-444: Capstone Colloquium
SCS-490: Social Science Internship
SNHU - Southern NH University Courses
SNHU-100: Pro Seminar
SNHU-100A: SNHU Experience: Advantage Transition to College
SNHU-101: SNHU Experience: Transition to College
SNHU-101H: Honors First Year Seminar Foundation in Critical Thinking
SNHU-107: Success Strategies for Online Learning
SNHU-202: SNHU Experience: Transition to SNHU
SNHU-303: SNHU Experience: Life after SNHU
SNHU-400: Pre-Internship Seminar
SNHU-401: Pre-Internship Sem/Malaysia
SNHU-404: SNHU Experience: Gen Ed Capstone
SNHU-404H: SNHU Experience: Gen Ed Capstone
SNHU-405: SNHU Experience: Gen Ed Capstone Abroad
SNHU-410: Directed Study in Undergraduate Research
SNHU-411: Undergraduate Research Methods
SNHU-490: General Education Internship
SOC - Sociology Courses
SOC-112: Introduction to Sociology
SOC-112H: Honors Introduction to Sociology
SOC-203: Wealth and Poverty
SOC-213: Sociology of Social Problems
SOC-235: Public Health
SOC-250: Sociological Analysis of Current Media
SOC-291: Experiential Learning
SOC-2ST3: Immigrant Integration in America
SOC-317: Sociology of the Family
SOC-318: Sustainable Communities
SOC-320: Sociology of Gender
SOC-320H: Honors Sociology of Gender
SOC-324: Sociology of Crime and Violence
SOC-325: Sociological Perspectives
SOC-326: Sociology of Deviant Behavior
SOC-328: Sociology of Aging
SOC-330: Sociology of Minority Relations
SOC-333: Sport and Society
SOC-335: Technology and Society
SOC-373: Regional Sustainability Field Study
SOC-480: Independent Study
SOC-490: Community Sociology Internship
SPED - Special Education Courses
SPED-210: Early Childhood Issues/Disabilities
SPED-230: Implications of Special Education
SPED-260: Children with Exceptionalities
SPED-314: Consultation and Collaboration
SPED-350: Special Education Assessment
SPED-499: Internship
SPED-499A: Internship
SPED-499B: Internship
SPT - Sport Management Courses
SPT-111: Introduction to Sport Management
SPT-201: Governance/Management of Sport Organizations
SPT-208: Sport Marketing
SPT-307: Sport Law
SPT-310: Sport Sponsorship
SPT-319: Sport Sales and Promotions
SPT-320: Media/Public Relations in Sport
SPT-321: Fitness Management
SPT-323: Golf Club Management
SPT-333: Sport, Society, and Ethics
SPT-340: Practicum in Sport Management
SPT-401: Sport Facilities Management
SPT-402: Sport Revenue
SPT-404: Sport Agency
SPT-415: Event Management and Marketing
SPT-415A: Event Management and Marketing
SPT-415B: Event Management and Marketing
SPT-425: Sport Licensing/Strategic Alliances
SPT-430: Front Office Management
SPT-461: Seminar in Sport Management
SPT-465: Global Sport Business
SPT-480: Independent Study
SPT-491: Sport Management Internship
SPT-492: Sport Management Internship II
TCI - The Culinary Institute Courses
TCI-109: Food Purchasing
TCI-110: Culinary Skills and Procedures
TCI-110CO: Culinary Skills & Procedures Colloquium
TCI-111: Progressive Culinary Techniques/Menu Imp
TCI-111CO: Progressive Culinary Techniques/Menu Imp Colloquium
TCI-113: Fundamentals of Baking
TCI-113CO: Fundamentals of Baking Colloquium
TCI-114: Intermediate Baking
TCI-114CO: Intermediate Baking Colloquium
TCI-116: Safety and Sanitation
TCI-167: Nutritional Cooking
TCI-167CO: Nutritional Cooking Colloquium
TCI-208: New American Cuisine
TCI-211: Italian Cuisine
TCI-211CO: Italian Cuisine Colloquium
TCI-217: Classical Cuisine
TCI-217CO: Classical Cuisine Colloquium
TCI-218: International Cuisine and Service
TCI-218CO: International Cuisine and Service Colloquium
TCI-220: Charcuterie
TCI-224: Skills of Meat Cutting
TCI-230: Retail Baking
TCI-230CO: Retail Baking Colloquium
TCI-233: Classical Baking and Plate Composition
TCI-235: American Regional Cuisine
TCI-235CO: American Regional Cuisine Colloquium
TCI-238: Cake Decorating
TCI-240: Advanced Pastry
TCI-250: Dining Room Management
TCI-256: Food and Beverage Cost Control
TCI-275: Etruscan Culture and Cuisine
TCI-280: International Baking and Desserts
TCI-2ST2: Fork Choices
TCI-311: Pizza to Pizzerias
TCI-320: Baking for the Restricted Diet
TCI-320CO: Baking for the Restricted Diet Colloquium
TCI-325: Artisan Breads
TCI-330: Media of Culinary Artistry
TCI-335: The Sustainable Kitchen: Farm to Table
TCI-335CO: The Sustainable Kitchen: Farm to Table Colloquium
TCI-340: Spirits and Mixology Management
TCI-371: Food Styling and Presentation
TCI-390: Culinary Cooperative Education
TCI-410: Cooking Without Recipes
TCI-420: Sugarcraft and Cake Design
TCI-430: Dietetics and Spa Cuisine
TCI-430CO: Dietetics and Spa Cuisine Colloquium
TCI-440: Catering and Banquet Management
TCI-480: Independent Study
TFL - Toefl Preparation Courses
TFL-001: TOEFL Preparation
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