Courses Offered

Academic Level:


COM - Communication Courses
COM-126: Introduction to Mass Communication
COM-128: Language and Practice of Media Arts
COM-212: Public Speaking
COM-220: Intercultural Communication
COM-227: Public Relations
COM-230: Graphics and Layout in Print Media
COM-232: Desktop Publishing
COM-235: Introduction to Journalism
COM-237: Journalism Practicum
COM-238: Radio Practicum
COM-244: Digital Video Production: Level I
COM-305: Digital Documentary Photography
COM-310: Social Media
COM-315: Interpersonal Communication in the Digital Age
COM-320: Exploring World Cultures/Mass Media
COM-322: Advanced Public Speaking
COM-325: Editing for Media and Publication
COM-327: Screenwriting for Media Arts
COM-329: New Media Technologies
COM-336: Electronic Public Relations
COM-337: Journalism Practicum II
COM-340: Writing for Public Relations
COM-341: Technical Writing
COM-342: Writing for the Computer Industry
COM-344: Digital Video Production: Level II
COM-345: Animation and Visual Effects
COM-430: Organizational Communications
COM-435: Feature Writing
COM-445: Writing for New Media
COM-448: Media Ethics and Law
COM-452: Public Relations Campaign Planning Seminar
COM-454: Documentary Video Production
COM-455: Commercial Video Production
COM-469: Senior Seminar in Communication
COM-476: Corporate Communications Seminar
COM-480: Independent Study
COM-490: Communication Internship
COM-492: Digital Media Internship
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