Courses Offered

Academic Level:


ECO - Economics Courses
ECO-500: Managerial Economics
ECO-505: Introduction to Graduate Economics
ECO-510: Mathematics and Statistics for Economics
ECO-520: Microeconomics Theory and Analysis
ECO-530: Macroeconomics Theory and Analysis
ECO-540: Game Theory and Industrial Organization
ECO-605: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECO-610: Fiscal & Monetary Policies & Practices
ECO-620: Applied Econometrics I
ECO-625: Applied Econometrics II
ECO-675: Seminar in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECO-700: Applied Economics Capstone
ECO-798: Independent Study
FIN - Finance Courses
FIN-500: Financial Management
FIN-550: Corporate Finance
FIN-610: Short-Term Financial Management
FIN-620: Money and Capital Markets
FIN-630: Capital Budgeting & Financing
FIN-640: Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
FIN-645: Analytical Tools in Portfolio Management
FIN-655: International Investments/Portfolio Management
FIN-660: Creating Value: Merger/Acquisition
FIN-665: Long-Term Financing & Capital Structure Theory
FIN-670: Option Analysis & Financial Derivatives
FIN-680: Personal Financial Planning
FIN-685: Risk Management
FIN-687: Estate Planning and Tax Factors
FIN-690: Financial Econometrics
FIN-691: Financial Modeling
FIN-700: Seminar in Finance
FIN-710: Economics/Finance Internship
FIN-798: Independent Study
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