Courses Offered

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ENG - English Courses
ENG-070: Research and Academic Skills
ENG-071: Process Writing
ENG-072: Grammar Workshop
ENG-099: Fundamentals of Writing
ENG-099I: Fundamentals of Writing for International Students
ENG-120: College Composition I
ENG-120H: Honors College Composition I
ENG-121: College Composition II
ENG-121H: Honors College Composition II
ENG-122: English Composition I
ENG-123: English Composition II
ENG-200: Sophomore Seminar
ENG-200H: Honors Sophomore Seminar
ENG-220: Business Communication
ENG-226: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG-229: Writing for the Stage
ENG-230: Writing for Film
ENG-323: Introduction to Screenwriting Workshop
ENG-327: Playwriting Workshop
ENG-328: Poetry Writing Workshop
ENG-329: Fiction Writing Workshop
ENG-330: Nonfiction Writing Workshop
ENG-340: Context of Writing: Writers/Publishing
ENG-341: Intermediate Nonfiction Writing Workshop
ENG-347: Intermediate Screenwriting Workshop
ENG-348: Intermediate Poetry Writing Workshop
ENG-349: Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop
ENG-350: The English Language
ENG-351: Advanced Nonfiction Writing Workshop
ENG-357: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop
ENG-358: Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop
ENG-359: Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop
ENG-421: New Media: Writing and Publishing
ENG-431: Advanced Creative Writing
ENG-480: Independent Study
ENG-485: Senior Thesis in Creative Writing
ENG-490: English Internship
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