Courses Offered

Academic Level:


FAS - Fine Arts Courses
FAS-110: Introductory Drawing
FAS-201: Introduction to Humanities I
FAS-201H: Honors Introduction to Humanities I
FAS-202: Introduction to Humanities II
FAS-202H: Honors Introduction to Humanities II
FAS-210: Introduction to Acting
FAS-225: Introduction to Photography
FAS-226: Digital Photography
FAS-260: History of Architecture
FAS-270: Introduction to Film History
FAS-301: Film and American Culture
FAS-302: Gender and Film
FAS-305: Digital Documentary Photography
FAS-310: Illustration
FAS-320: History of Design
FAS-326: History of Photography
FAS-335: Romanticism to Impressionism
FAS-342: Modernism
FAS-345: Contemporary Art
FAS-353: Improvisation and Performance
FAS-365: Arts Management
FAS-370: American Art
FAS-380: Women, Art and Society
FAS-480: Independent Study
LIT - Literature Courses
LIT-100: Introduction to Literature
LIT-201: World Literature I: Foundations of Culture
LIT-202: World Literature Ii: Renaissance to Modern
LIT-219: British Literature I
LIT-220: British Literature II
LIT-221: American Literature I
LIT-222: American Literature II
LIT-229: World Mythology
LIT-231: Nature Writers
LIT-233: Banned Books
LIT-300: Literary Theory
LIT-306: Medieval Literature
LIT-307: Renaissance and Restoration Literature
LIT-309: Romance, Revolutions, and the Birth of The Novel
LIT-310: Victorian Literature
LIT-311: Modern British Literature
LIT-312: Early American Literature
LIT-313: The American Renaissance
LIT-314: American Realism and Naturalism
LIT-315: 20th Century American Literature
LIT-317: European Literature
LIT-318: World Literature
LIT-319: Shakespeare
LIT-320: Hemingway's Paris Years
LIT-322: Popular and Contemporary Fiction
LIT-323: Studies in Drama
LIT-325: Studies in the Novel
LIT-327: Studies in Poetry
LIT-328: Multi-Ethnic Literature: Describing the Hyphen
LIT-330: Gender and Text
LIT-335: Major Author Studies
LIT-335L1: Major Authors - American
LIT-335L2: Major Authors - British
LIT-335L3: Major Authors - Global
LIT-345: Postcolonial Encounters
LIT-350: The Black Literary Tradition
LIT-450: Seminar in American Literature
LIT-451: Seminar in British Literature
LIT-452: Seminar in Global Literature
LIT-480: Independent Study
LIT-485: Senior Thesis in Literature
LIT-485A: Senior Thesis in Literature
LIT-485B: Senior Thesis in Literature
PHL - Philosophy Courses
PHL-111: Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHL-210: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL-212: Introduction to Ethics
PHL-214: Formal Logic
PHL-220: Death and the Meaning of Life
PHL-222: Happiness and the Good Life
PHL-230: Religions of the World
PHL-246: Understanding Non-Western Philosophy
PHL-316: Business Ethics
PHL-363: Environmental Ethics
PHL-3ST1: Death and the Meaning of Life
PHL-3ST2: Happiness and the Good Life
PHL-480: Independent Study
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