Courses Offered

Academic Level:


GRA - Graphics Courses
GRA-100: Introduction to Graphic Design Technology
GRA-101: Basic Design and Color Theory
GRA-201: Intro to Digital Sculpting
GRA-202: 3-D Modeling and Animation
GRA-210: Fundamentals of Game Design
GRA-211: Interactive Animation
GRA-212: 3-D Character Animation
GRA-220: Introduction to Digital Imaging
GRA-310: Digital Graphic Design for the Web
GRA-311: Environment Design
GRA-315: Game Design and Production
GRA-317: Studio Environment
GRA-332: Digital Publishing
GRA-340: Typography
GRA-401: Character Design
GRA-402: Creature Design
GRA-405: Personal Branding
GRA-410: Advanced Digital Graphic Design for Web
GRA-420: Advanced Digital Imaging
GRA-431: Interactive Animation for the Web
GRA-440: 3-D Art and Design
GRA-451: Advanced Multiplatform Design
GRA-470: User Interface and Experience
GRA-480: Independent Study
GRA-490: Graphic Design Internship
GRA-491: Graphic Design Portfolio
GRA-4ST1: Advanced Desktop Publishing
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